Letter: Join us in voting for Judge Gary Nasal


To the Editor:

My wife, Sandy, and I are supporting Judge Gary Nasal to be re-elected as judge of the Miami County Municipal Court. Judge Nasal’s record in public service is very impressive. He is highly qualified. After graduating from the University of Dayton Law School, he joined the law firm of Shipman, Utricht & Dixon. In addition to an active and varied private law practice, he served as Assistant Miami County Municipal Court Prosecutor, as Assistant City of Troy Law Director, and Law Director for the village of Covington. Gary served 18 years as Miami County Prosecutor. In 2013, Gary was appointed Judge of the Miami County Municipal Court by the governor. He was re-elected and is now running for another term.

During his service as judge, he has demonstrated the fair and impartial administration of justice. Judge Nasal has the experience, qualifications and record to be re-elected the Miami County Municipal Court Judge. His achievements have earned him our votes. Sandy and I appreciate Gary’s service as judge. We urge the voters of Miami County to join us in voting for Judge Gary Nasal!

— Richard N. Adams, Ph.D.

Co-chairman of the Keep Nasal Judge Campaign

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