Letter: Keep Kris Lee as commissioner


To the Editor:

Four years ago, I had the opportunity to run for City Commission in Piqua. Running alongside me was the eventual winner of the seat, my good friend Kris Lee. Since then, the good old boys have been running scared, as they knew the gravy-train control they had for the prior 8 years, if not longer, was being chipped away. In case the good people of Piqua aren’t aware, these are the same good old boys who think that anyone who exercises their right to hold their government to account is being “negative.” Their solution is to back a young man whom they can mold to their way of thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud Nolan Campbell for his courage to jump into the political arena at such a young age. We need the younger generation to step up. Unfortunately, the good old boys aren’t going away quietly. I no longer live in Piqua, or I would vote for Kris Lee in a heartbeat. So, I am asking the citizens of Piqua to keep the forward momentum going and to retain Kris Lee as 3rd ward Commissioner, so he can continue to be the breath of fresh air that Piqua needs.

— Brad Boehringer


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