Letter: Nasal clear choice for judge


To the Editor:

Judge Gary Nasal is the clear choice for Miami County Municipal Court Judge. In the almost nine years he has served as Miami County Municipal Court Judge, he has dramatically overhauled the probation department, leading it to receive an award as the second best probation department in the state in 2019.

He has worked with the Clerk of Courts to bring state of the art technology to the court and to make the court more user-friendly to the public and their attorneys. Judge Nasal is not reluctant to impose jail time on offenders who do not learn from past mistakes or who commits offenses that warrant jail. Be believes that every criminal act is a matter of personal responsibility. He is often heard to say that there are lots of explanations, but no excuses for committing a crime. Yet he has expressed that fair and impartial justice is the benchmark by which he judges every case.

Please join me in voting to keep Judge Nasal on Nov. 2.

— Brian Williamson


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