Letter: Renacci should promote vaccines, masks


To the Editor:

Jim Renacci’s political ambitions must of went to his head and affecting his thinking. Governor DeWine was ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, and if it wasnt for his own party knee capping him, we be much better off today.

Apparently Renacci doesn’t pay attention that the Delta variance is on a huge upswing, and Ohio will need to mask and get shots. Lets look at the figures from Ohio Dept. of Health 8/21/21.

Lets start with the zip code 45373 in Troy with an included population of 35,989 and a case count of 4,371. That is 12% with Covid.

Zip code 45356 has a population of 25,209 with a case count of 2,690. That’s 10.6%. Miami County has a 42% vaccination rate.

Zip code 45331 with parts of Darke County and Greenville with a population of 22,041 and a case count 2,669, which is 12% of population. Darke County has a 33.42% vaccination rate. Both counties well under the state’s 51.26%.

Our children are now going back to school so lets look at under 18 years of age rate. Miami County 1,134 cases and Darke 472 cases. Ohio has the 8th most child cases and is one of 17 states that has reported over 100,000 cases in children. School has just started.

Renacci should be out promoting vaccines and mask for our children instead of politics as you might know he is going to run against DeWine next election.

— George Riegle


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