Letter: Seeking answers from Congressman Warren Davidson


To the Editor:

It seems to me constituents of Congressman Warren Davidson have every right to know whether the Congressman believes the election was stolen as the former president keeps claiming. And additionally, whether the former president bears some responsibility for the January 6th riot. Do we have someone representing us who stands for truth or who is comfortable perpetuating an obvious lie?

I have been unable to learn the Congressman’s position on those two yes or no questions despite repeated calls and emails. His staff members apparently have not been informed or are reluctant to say. Depending on the office I have called, either national or local, I have gotten a patient, respectful listener or a defensive, argumentative response — but still no clear answer from either.

I can only infer from the Congressman’s stonewalling that he is so afraid of the former president, he is afraid to answer. How disappointing to be “represented” by a person with so little moral and political courage.

— Larry Brown

Tipp City

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