Letter: Taxes are passed onto consumers


To the Editor:

It is not possible to only tax the rich. The cost of all taxes is passed on to the final consumer! Those who produce raw materials charge their customers enough to ensure a profit and taxes are one of the costs that must be covered. Then, on down the line, manufactures, wholesalers, retailers all add their tax burden to the price of the product and the customer ends up paying all of the taxes! Yet people still buy into the claims of crooked politicians that the “rich” will be paying the bill? Where is the logic in that? We are about to face the worst inflation in years because of unchecked spending by our government. I remember when earning $100 a week was great pay! That was before the War on Poverty, and the Great Society, neither of which cured any social problems, though they did enrich politicians and those they favored! Wake up! Donald Trump may have been rude and Tweeted mean things, but were you better off when he was President, or now?

— Tom Fenner


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