Letter: Thank you for support of Newton Local Market


To the Editor:

There are no truer words than the old adage, “It takes a village.” Indeed it did take our entire community, over the past year, to bring Alisa and Tony Weber’s farmers market dream to life. The Newton Local Market didn’t happen on a mere whim, rather it was carefully cultivated over many months around a kitchen table, by a group of friends that simply wanted to provide a space for our neighbors to showcase their unique talents and to bring our village together for a few hours of good, old-fashioned family fun!

To our township connection and farm aficionado Josie Angle, to our unbelievably gifted graphic designer Kelly Bauer, to our local talent scout and recruiter Alisha Wood, and to our group’s organizer and chaos coordinator, Alisa Weber, your collective energy, passion, ideas, and drive were exactly what was necessary to make a beautiful vision become a reality! Cheers ladies!

No thank yous, high fives, or hugs will ever be enough to honor Newton Local School’s Superintendent, Pat McBride, who was perhaps one of the biggest cheerleaders for the market and who let no obstacle stand in the way of bringing the market to the village. He truly gave the market wings and allowed it to soar. What transpired each and every month, throughout the summer of 2021 was nothing short of magical. It would not have been possible without the constant and overwhelming support of several extremely generous (and anonymous) financial sponsors, the residents of Pleasant Hill and Newton Township, the Newton FFA chapter, our local vendors, our farming community, the various bands that performed, the plethora of food trucks, the Miami County Public Health Department, Kelly Snyder and the Miami County Local Food Council, the Pleasant Hill Joint Fire District, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, and the Village of Pleasant Hill Mayor Judy Barga, and the awesome village staff. We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention our wonderful and hardworking set up and clean up crews consisting of the members of the Newton FFA, our significant others, our children, and friends.

Lastly, on behalf of the Newton Local Market, we extend a hearty hug and “Thank you!” to every single visitor and contributor to the Newton Local Market. We loved seeing the sea of bright smiles, listening to the sounds of sweet laughter in the air, and sharing with you in the simple pleasures of life that become the fondest of memories. Until next year!

— Stephanie M. Silk, Pleasant Hill, On behalf of the Newton Local Market

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