Letter: Thank you to Beamish, Kleptz


To the Editor:

Let me begin by thanking Ginny Beamish and Tom Kleptz for their dedication to the children of Troy. I especially want to acknowledge their resolve in working to keep our children safe during this pandemic school year. I am disappointed that they will not be on the board in 2022.

I also want to thank the majority of current school board members for voting to mask the staff and children.

It’s been my experience that when people agree with a decision such as masking, they typically don’t publicly thank those who are responsible for the decision.

Please know that so many residents agree with the masking decision and applaud you for implementing the policy.

Yes, it would be wonderful to see the children’s smiles, but that wish does not supersede the importance of keeping our students safe, healthy and in school.

— Kathleen Luring


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