Letter: Thank you to the voters of Piqua


To the Editor:

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the voters of Piqua for continuing to entrust me with their confidence in serving them as Piqua City Commissioner from the 3rd Ward.

We have begun an important mission of fiscal responsibility with the hiring of the new city manager who has reorganized city departments in an effort to make services more efficient; thereby saving the city tax payer’s money. We have established a mission of strong accountability in the city’s financial affairs.

That important accountability includes more transparency with a qualified GIS director being sought who will add to the team who are now constantly providing the Piqua government web site with information and records on city activities for everyone to read and be informed.

We have promoted new businesses locating in Piqua bringing new employees who will add to the tax base and help with Piqua’s infrastructure. I have encouraged businesses and industries to locate in Piqua so as to bring viable living wage jobs to the community. I will continue to be a spokesman for Piqua’s business and industrial growth.

Your vote means a continued citizen-centered city government where everyone’s opinion will be heard and everyone will be respected and appreciated regardless of their opinion. I would like to encourage you to attend the Piqua City Commission meetings and participate in your rights of free speech.

I based my leadership and campaign platform on everyone being valued and working together. Citizen-centered city government means meaningful city boards where volunteer board members will research and work on real issues, goals, and mission statements and not just being a sounding-board for the City Commission’s agenda.

Thank you for your continued support.

— Kris Lee, Mayor

Piqua City Commissioner, 3rd Ward

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