LETTER: The Bradley Family July 4th greeting


To the Editor:

As summer marches on and June 21, 2022, Soltice has passed and we continue to experience the hot humid days leading up to our USA’s July 4th, 1776, the birthday of our country.

Currently there is much unrest and tribulation throughout our World. Yes, our families look forward to family picnics, Veterans Parades, and most of all the fireworks lighting up our night sky, in honor of those Veterans, both men and women alike, who gave their service to our country without the thought of bodily harm and little concern for consideration.

Our service members are directly responsible for the free and sovereign country we Americans enjoy today. Thanks be to our soldiers. I personally served during the Viet Nam Era, and it still haunts me today when I recall servicing the 141 Jet Cargo Planes coming into our Alaskan Air Base, with all the fallen soldiers aboard. Yes, a chilling experience indeed, but it is their gift that we enjoy the Peace and Freedom of their sacrifice for our nation the USA. To all our village residents, be safe this July 4th, 2022; and give thanks to those who made our freedom and current peace possible.

— Mark Bradley, Veteran USAF

Pleasant Hill

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