Letter: Vaccination is not a political issue


To The Editor:

I heartily agree with John Campbell who wrote a letter to the editor of Miami Valley Today in “Your View” section of the last weekend edition titled “Do your job, protect residents.” I could not agree more that it is important for our city and county leadership to protect all the citizens of Miami County and to speak out on this important issue.

The vaccination rate in Miami County is appalling at 38.59%. Vaccination is not a political issue – it is a health issue. As a retired nurse, I am especially concerned about the well being of nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and other healthcare workers who once again are being asked to put their lives on the line to care for victims of the highly contagious Delta virus strain.

This time, younger people in their 20s and 30s and children are being infected. If for no other reason, I appeal to all to please get vaccinated to protect our children under 12. They are not eligible to be vaccinated yet and are very vulnerable to the variant Delta Covid virus as never before. Saving one precious young life is certainly worth getting a shot in the arm. Please do the right thing for the common good, especially for our children.

— Ruth Jenkins


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