Letter: Vote yes on Troy DORA


To the Editor:

To the citizens of Troy Ohio,

Please do not listen to the teetotalers that would like for you to believe that the proposed Troy DORA is something that is bad for the town of Troy. This is nothing more than a small group of people who wish to push their beliefs onto the rest of us. It is the same nonsense arguments that were used to oppose the Gentlemen of the Road tour being in Troy, Ohio. It was evil, the world would end, there would be chaos in the streets of Troy if Mumford and Sons were allowed to invade our little town. And then it happened. What happened you ask? People had fun, local businesses made lots of money and nothing bad happened. People drank in the streets, danced to music and even enjoyed a little of the “Devils Lettuce.”

So here we go again in 2021. Mr. Pinkerton and his fun police would have you believe that children would be traveling through the evil DORA on their way to and from school. Not true. The DORA is not in operation during school hours at all. They want you to believe that Troy would no longer be family oriented. Again not true. Who are the opposition to tell the citizens what is family oriented. Is it not okay to have an adult beverage around children? Then why do so many business that serve alcohol have free kids meals? Are you saying that those of us who indulge in a drink or two are bad parents? Who are you to judge?

They argue that folks in recovery would be going to meetings in the DORA but cannot name a single place that has meetings in the proposed area. These are lies. Do not listen to the fear mongering. Many local cities have DORAs, and they are good for the downtown businesses and attract new people. Thank you, Mr. Pinkerton, for making me write all those sentences in Jr. High and giving me the courage to stand up and be heard. Vote yes to Troy DORA.

— Justin Poock


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