Letter: When you hear the bell, consider the less fortunate in Miami County


To the Editor

Wow, what a year! None of us have ever experienced “sturm and drang” like this. The worst—by Christmas nearly 800,000 grieving families will have an empty chair at the table. Though improving, tens of thousands are still out of a viable job. Shouldn’t two people working 40 hours a week be able to own a home and enjoy a middle-class life? Consider the disabled, special needs, and elderly.

There are many choices when considering supporting a national or international non-profit organization. Where does Miami County reap the most benefit?

For many, the Salvation Army is the best choice. Did you know for every dollar collected in Miami County, about 90 cents returns? Our goal is nearly $40,000 annually or $1000 daily from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If everyone who bought groceries gave a dollar each visit, we would make that goal.

Not all can or will do that.

For most, a trip to your grocery store brings a pang of angst over the sudden rise in food costs. We all play “Whack a Mole” with the gasoline lottery. What if you had to choose between eating or heating, pills or potatoes?

Are you one of the fortunate—no Covid and a steady job? Or retired on a reliable income? Perhaps, you might consider $5, $10 or even $20. You may also give on your phone by pointing to the sign at the red kettle. Many would never miss the cash and the joy for those receiving knowing they are loved provides much-needed sustaining hope.

When you hear the bell, consider the less fortunate in Miami County. Is the Salvation Army perfect? No, just really good at returning your money to those in need here at home.

— Jerry Duff, Ph.D.


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