Letter: Why vote no on Troy’s DORA


To the Editor:

Why vote no on this issue — ask yourself, is this right for our downtown and how would it make Troy a better place to live.

I do not understand why being able to walk around with a drink in hand will change the face of Troy in a positive way and make it a better place than it is today. If no one has an answer to this, then why do it?

Those promoting DORA have made claims that it will increase retail sales, will attract younger adults to live in Troy and would solve the lack of labor in our community. How will a DORA achieve these claims?

Will businesses stay open past 6:00 and allow alcoholic beverages inside their stores?

Why would allowing the carrying of alcoholic beverages around town make young adults or others decide to move to Troy?

How will DORA solve Troy’s labor needs? Those promoting DORA said when young adults make their move to Troy, they will fill the available jobs. I would like to see the plan to make this happen.

Citizens have concerns regarding a DORA in Troy’s downtown. Following are a few of these concerns.

DORA is in full swing beginning on Thursday’s at 12:00 p.m. and our school age youth are walking home from four different schools through the middle of the DORA district.

Also citizens with alcohol abuse issues attend counseling within the DORA district.

How would you feel if this was your child or loved one?

Another concern is the lack of law enforcement on site, which promotes:

1. Bringing in own alcohol and putting in DORA cups.

2. Underage drinking.

3. Providing drinks to someone who has already drank to excess.

4. Additional litter.

Other communities, with DORA districts, assign police officers to walk the district during hours of operation, lessening potential infractions. However, I believe that Troy’s administration has plans to use the Watch Commander to cruise the area until called away to handle other police issues, then the DORA district is without police protection.

For those of us who do not support the DORA, were invited on social media, by those promoting DORA, to stay away on those days. I’m sure that retailers, restaurants and bars would not agree with this.

Please join those of us who believe that a DORA is not good for Troy and will not improve our quality of life. Help us to keep Troy DORA free. Vote NO on Nov. 2.

— Tom Kendall


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