Letter: Your vote for commissioner is important


To The Editor:

The upcoming election will be decision making for the citizens of Piqua to continue the current positive progress that Grissom and Lee and Fogt added to the commission. The cost cutting measures by new city manager has shown transparency that was sorely needed from decades of spending taxpayers’ money. Cutting city overhead, better job alignment, policies, and consolidating departments have created swift financial efficiency measures, which we haven’t seen in a long time. Better understanding of citizens’ complaints and issues with quick reaction time and working with the citizens in attempting to resolve issues is a pleasant and appreciated change.

Kris Lee is the most qualified commissioners Piqua has seen in a long time. Kris knows citizens in all levels; having been a Piqua small business owner, Piqua Police Officer, Dare Officer, coaching sports, and teaching; as well as raising his children to respect others and to get college educations.

Grissom is well educated, understands the job, and is an able commissioner who Piqua is lucky to have.

I appreciate the young high school student running for commissioner against Piqua City Commissioner and Mayor Lee, but I feel he needs to finish high school and further his education because that will be a big enough challenge in his young life. I feel, without experience, he is not in a position to make financial and legal decisions of his elders. His age leaves the door open for him to be influenced on issues that have long lasting effects on the citizens and their tax money. I have great children, but as high school students I don’t think I could let them make the financial and living rules for the family. I could do it now, after they have had the education, jobs, and life experiences; but only after many years of them accepting responsibility and gaining wisdom.

People have negative attitudes toward how the city has been run for decades; that is because citizens were not being heard and putting long term financial and legal burdens on taxpayers without consideration, concern, or even a vote. It is frustration not negativity when those issues keep happening and tax payers feel burdened without recourse.

Therefore, more progress will be happening with the re-election of Piqua City Commissioner Grissom and Piqua City Commissioner and Mayor Kris Lee.

— Chuck Starrett


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