Local band releases new music


TROY — It was “more than a feeling” that inspired the genesis of local rock band Rusted Reserve, said founding member Jason Rhoads.

“Just something inside of me; I had music that I knew I needed — I had something better that I knew I needed to do. And I had music inside me that needed out,” said Rhoads on switching to original music after years of playing covers. “It’s fun, and fulfilling, if you want to play music (in a cover band), but to play your own music on stage and have people shake their heads and nod and smile is a whole different feeling.”

Rusted Reserve was established in November 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The Troy-based band is comprised of founding members, lead singer Jason Forsythe, of Fletcher; guitarist Jason Rhoads; and his 14-year-old son, Braylon Rhoads, on drums, both of Troy. Harmonica player Adam West, of Troy, also was recently added.

Their sound, Jason Rhoads said he was told, is “a gritty mashup of The Allman Brothers, ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin.” They are heavily influenced by the blues and loud guitars, such as Joe Bonamassa, ZZ Top and Boston.

Although the older members are “all a little rusted and reserved, nowadays,” as Rhoads put it, Braylon brings some youth to the band — and he can hold his own. Braylon took up drumming at 3, and it’s his passion.

“You could just tell he had a gift. It just came natural. I mean, honestly, at 3 years old, you could just tell; it was calculated stuff,” Rhoads said about his son. “We had this big party here when he was 3 or 4, and 40 people were watching my friend Scott and Braylon actually playing music.”

Drumming is Braylon’s and main hobby. He is very excited to be a member of the band.

“I was very happy that my dad brought me to the project. I was just even more motivated to play,” Braylon said. “It was normally just me and my dad; I never really, obviously, had a history playing with many people. It has really helped me to grow to play naturally with people.”

His father started playing guitar at 17 and was in numerous, popular, local bands over the years. Forsythe is a songwriter and was only a casual acquaintance of Rhoads before the conception of Rusted Reserve. Rhoads and his son created a lot of music together before approaching Forsythe, who writes the band’s lyrics, to join.

Rusted Reserve just finished recording their second album, called “One More Swing,” at the famous Tempermill Studio in Detroit, Michigan. Numerous successful artists from Kid Rock to The White Stripes to Loretta Lynn have recorded albums at Tempermill. Their first, self-titled album was recorded in February 2020. Rhoads said they are doing everything possible to take the band “to the next level,” so he wanted to produce music in a place worthy of that aspiration. The band also is seeking a booking agency.

For the second album, famed Detroit bassist Chuck Bartles, of the band Sturgill Simpson, was hired to play on “One More Swing.”

Currently, at amped gigs, friends of the band fill in as bass player. Due to the pandemic, many bars aren’t hiring full bands yet because of the limited capacity of patrons. Because of this, Rusted Reserve hasn’t been able to play as much as the band would like, and so it’s been mostly acoustic sets, Rhoads noted.

The first single off of the new album, called “The Maze,” drops Friday, May 28, on all music streaming platforms. The album will be released later this year.

For all things, Rusted Reserve, visit the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RustedReserve or one of their numerous other social media platforms.

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