“Look Who is Recycling” award winner announced


TROY — Troy Mayor Robin Oda recently announced the “Look Who Is Recycling” award winner for the third quarter of 2022.

Rumpke of Ohio Inc., the city’s curbside recycling contractor, runs the program as a tool to encourage residential recycling. Awards are given quarterly to Troy residents who actively recycle, and share their reasons for doing so.

The winner is Lisa Phyillaier. She and her husband, Ron, reside on Pembury Place.

For the question, “Why do you recycle?” Lisa wrote: “We recycle to help the environment and reduce waste in landfills. It’s fun to show the grandkids what items are made from recycled products and educate them on how items are reused for another purpose.”

The Phyillaiers have 14 grandchildren, including two in Troy.

For citizens interested in the “Look Who Is Recycling” program, go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BGC8K5S and answer the question, “Why do you recycle?” Winners of the awards receive a gift bag, including a gift card from a local restaurant, provided by Rumpke.

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