Main Street closing is ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’


To the editor:

In recent months there have been many arguments regarding 112-118 W. MAIN St. in Our Historical Downtown Area. At this time it’s in the hands of the courts as to what happens with it. (unless another miscreant bulldozer attacks it?)

IMO this could have all been avoided if (our city leaders and let me start at the top) Robin Oda had simply followed the rules and the law. That should have not been too difficult! Instead, it turned into a game…one of shells & walnuts.

The citizens of Troy have been fed too much disinformation. There have been too many tax dollars spent on city-ordered reports that were ignored (ie: Norton Engineering Report;Cost $23000+ advised structurally sound. Issued 6/14/23. Rob England. Troy Chief Building Inspector 6/16/23 issued Demolition Ordr Req..unsafe. Ignored Norton Report.

Main Street Closed. Why and who issued this order? Any guesses?

Businesses on this block have lost business. Complete interuption in traffic flow on Main Street (ST. RT 41) due to closing.

Who approved the closing? Why?

IMO this has been “the straw that broke the camel’s back!” There’ve been too many issues in this administration that’ve been allowed to “slide by!”

We had a chance to make a change with the May primary election. We blew it! Too many of us were guilty of apathy and ignorance. We lost by 30+ votes! We blew it!

After Robin Oda is inaugurated Dec.31, we will be given another chance. It’s called “Recall an Elected Official”, & can be done. but, only if someone has the impetus to care about making changes. Someone who is willing to give their time and energy to the city and citizens of this community.

We had such a person in May.We blew it.

Can we correct our mistake in 2024?

Brenda Hursh


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