Manager brought great change to shelter


To the Editor:

I am writing today to recognize the efforts and progress made in the time of Morgan Howard’s management at the Miami County Animal Shelter. Ms. Howard recently resigned to pursue her dream to work as a Corrections Officer. I am so excited that she gets to see her goal achieved.

While under the management of Ms. Howard and her amazing staff, MCAS has become a no-kill shelter. This is an accomplishment the residents of the county have been seeking for years. The shelter’s improved standing within the community, and its work with rescue groups and private citizens, has been so very appreciated.

Under Ms. Howard and her staff, cats have never been safer in our county. MCAS is not, I have been told in meetings with city officials, legally required to accept or adopt out cats. The abysmal and disturbing euthanasia numbers for cats and kittens until recently at MCAS reflect that. Howard, her deputy Sarah Fraley, and their amazing staff have installed a cat room, with space for residents to visit with and adopt the perfect cat for their family. Not only do they not euthanize cats, but they protect and care for them until they can find homes.

Dogs and puppies have also received a significant upgrade in care. A nursery at MCAS allows for pregnant shelter dogs to birth and care for puppies in a much less stressful environment than the general kennels. No dog has been euthanized for space in two years. Dogs at MCAS now receive frequent socialization sessions and training too. Most importantly, all of the animals are loved and treated humanely.

I urge the citizens of Miami County to contact our county commissioners to respectfully request that whoever takes on this position will continue to carry on these impressive programs and accomplishments. MCAS and our county have significantly increased their standing and reputation in the state and nationally. I greatly appreciate Morgan Howard’s impact and wish her success.

Sincerely and with love for the animals,

— Heidi Scribner


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