Marriage licenses


Shauntel Ashley Whitfield, 24, of 5565 Senour Dr., West Chester, to Cody Nathaniel, 26, of 810 Park Ave., Piqua.

Amber Rose Owen, 27, of 1113 Camp St., Piqua, to Michael Joseph Hale, 30, of the same address.

Gilbert Case Edmundson, 23, of 340 W. Mesquite Ave., Pahrump, NV, to Alana Leigh George, 23, of 3220 Sioux Dr., Piqua.

Charles Randall Edwards, 50, of 1403 Severs Dr., Piqua, to Ronda Lynn Mangen, 50, of the same address.

Lawrence Joseph Fernandez, 34, of 7224 River Birch St., Tipp City, to Nicole Rae Miller, 34, of the same address.

Drew John Schaurer, 24, of 4810 Farrington Rd., Covington, to Eliza Diann Hershberger, 23, of 7557 Tipp Elizabeth Rd., New Carlisle.

Jessica Lea Ellis, 29, of 4242 East West Highway, Chevy Chase, to Peter Tobin Sullivan, 29, of the same address.

Holly Noelle Shaffer, 24, of 4690 N. State Route 48, Covington, to Johnathan David Patrick Finch, 24, of the same address.

Morgan Renee Heath, 25, of 232 S. Crawford, Troy, to Benjamin Michael Jamison, 24, of the same address.

Cody Tyler Phipps, 23, of 3440 Lilac Lane, Troy, to Kelsey Yvonne Sisco, 20, of 4987 Summerset Dr., Tipp City.

Allison Hailey Ingle, 24, of 9080 W. Versailles Rd., Covington, to Kenton Bradley, 31, of the same address.

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