MC Commissioners OK One Stop Center funds change


By Eamon Baird

[email protected]

TROY— The Miami County Board of Commissioners approved several proposals during its meeting on Sept. 12, including a change to order No. 10 regarding the Miami County One Stop Center project.

The board authorized the change of order No. 10 in an agreement between Arcon Builders Ltd. of Arcanum. Additional funds for the project will cost $40,670.01. This is a change of the original proposal (30 R2) due to unsuitable soils and lead time issues and will cost $23,500. In addition, an owner-furnished electrical scope in the amount of $17,001.01. The updated contract amount now stands at $6,956,742.

The Board of Commissioners also approved or accepted or amended:

  • To release financial guaranty in the Emerson Crossing Subdivision for $150,466.50. as requested by the county engineer. This measure partially reduces the referenced escrow agreement and does not constitute the final acceptance of the constructed facilities. The board further authorized the clerk to notify Greenville National Bank, 846 W. Main St, Troy, of the escrow agreement cost. A balance of $483,945.50 remains for the completion of guarantied projects.
  • The receipt and summary of the expenditure reports electronically for August 2023. Authorize Miami County Public Transit Director Sarah Baker to file an application for the year 2025 for the SFY 2025 US DOT Federal Transit Administration (FTA) fund grants. Baker said this certification should be approved in April of 2024.
  • The auditor’s summary revenue reports and summary expenditure reports (electronically) for the month ending on Aug. 31.
  • A certified statement from the Miami County prosecuting attorney, under O.R.C. 309.16. This receipt of the certified list of criminal prosecutions to find a conviction and sentence under official care during the preceding year. In such a statement, prosecuting attorneys shall name parties to each trial, the amount of the fine, and the costs assessed in each case. On Sept. 8, Prosecutor Anthony Kendall filed a certified statement with the Board of Miami County Commissioners.
  • General funds to supplement the equipment needs of the County Commissioner for 2024. County Recorder Jessica Lopez submitted a proposal on Sept. 7, for maintenance and support of software, hardware, and equipment maintenance in the recorder’s office and microfilm department. A meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 21, at 1:40 p.m. to review the proposal.
  • The monthly expense account of the Sheriff’s office from August of 2023, as prescribed under Sec. 325.07 of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Explore a local jail project grant in an agreement with the Department of Rehabilitation and correlation on behalf of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office from June 2023 with resolution No. 23-06-618, the Board of County Commissioners accepted a grant for $175,000 to be used for appropriating funds and costs associated with capital improvements to the Miami County Jail. The grant will be used for a comprehensive needs assessment.
  • The Commissioners set a date of Oct. 17, at 9:05 a.m. to receive sealed proposals for the Miami County Sheriff’s Office’s needs assessment and master planning project. This meeting will occur in the Commissioners’ meeting room, Safety Building, 201 W. Main St. Troy. A mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 2 p.m. at the Miami County Incarceration Facility.
  • Amend Resolution No. 23-08-1021, which will accept and authorize the purchase of a Stepmobile for the Ohio Community Supervision System and Kiosk. Quote and confirm a purchase of one Ohio Community Supervision System and Kiosk, not using fund 112-1127183, that was previously approved.

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