Medical condition probable cause in crash


TROY — A medical condition is what Troy police say may be the cause of a Saturday afternoon crash in the parking lots of the West Main Street Marathon station and Wendy’s parking lot.

Police and medics were dispatched to the area of the pair of businesses on West Main Street around 12:30 p.m. when it was reported that a vehicle had “gone over a wall.”

First responders found a Jeep sitting amidst a pile of concrete debris in the Wendy’s parking lot with an older male victim lying beside his Jeep SUV.

The man, who was suffering from an apparent medical condition, was treated and transported by Troy Fire Department medics to a local hospital for treatment.

Troy officers on the scene said that the man had apparently been pumping gas at the Marathon station. When he got back into his Jeep, the “apparent medical condition,” caused him to “floor it.” The Jeep then sped forward, striking a nearly three-foot tall cement block wall, knocking it down. The Jeep then climbed the broken cement and dirt vertical incline and made its way into the adjacent Wendy’s lot where it stopped.

The Jeep narrowly missed a parked pickup truck. No one else was injured in the crash.

Troy Police Department is investigating the crash.

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