Meet Cindy Cupps


Cindy Cupps, 64, lives in Troy with her mother. She works at Taco Bell, where she has been employed for three years, cleaning the dining room for approximately 10 hours each week. She receives a few hours of support each week from a direct support professional.

“My provider helps me with everything like shopping and paying bills,” Cupps explained. “She helps me a lot.”

When she isn’t working, Cindy stays busy with several activities, but her favorite is practicing weekly with the Riverside Bell Choir. The group had taken a hiatus over COVID-19 and recently started practicing again on Wednesday afternoons. The group has its first performance in years at an upcoming open mic night at Riverside.

Cupps enjoys shopping for new clothes and likes eating at Taco Bell and Applebee’s. She also likes watching TV, especially the Andy Griffith Show.

When asked what she would want people to know about her, Cupps said, “I’m a good worker. I’m a hard worker. I like to work.”

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