Meijer Pharmacy encourages early flu shots


GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Despite many people experiencing vaccine fatigue due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Meijer pharmacists are urging patients to get their flu shots as flu season quickly approaches.

“We know many people are tired of hearing about vaccines right now,” said Jackie Morse, Meijer vice president of Pharmacy. “However, COVID-19 is still a real concern and if people come down with the seasonal flu on top of COVID-19, the illness could be much worse for them and the impact could be greater on the health systems.”

Morse said getting the flu shot before flu virus starts to circulate in the community is best, and that individuals who haven’t yet received the COVID-19 vaccine can get both at the same time.

Those interested in getting immunized against the flu can text “flu” to 75049 to schedule an appointment. Those interested in the COVID-19 vaccine can text “COVID” to 75049 to schedule an appointment.

All Meijer Pharmacists wear masks and follow specific protocols to disinfect all surfaces and areas where shots are administered between each patient, according to the retailer’s specific COVID-19 protocol. Customers are required to wear masks during the vaccination. Most Meijer pharmacies have private consultation rooms where patients can receive their immunizations.

Depending on age, health status and state regulations, Meijer offers a variety of vaccine options, including quadrivalent and doses for seniors. For more information on the different kinds of vaccines and the importance of the flu shot, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control.

Getting a flu shot, as well as other immunizations offered at Meijer, may also count as prescription credits in the mPerks Pharmacy Rewards Program, which allows customers to earn savings on future purchases in the store.

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