Miami County Commissioners authorize agreements


By Sam Wildow

[email protected]

TROY — The Board of Miami County Commissioners authorized a number of agreements during its regular meeting on Tuesday.

First, the commissioners authorized an electronic monitoring service agreement with BI Incorporated on behalf of the Miami County Common Pleas Court and Adult Probation. The agreement provides for equipment/units, software, total access, and system maintenance for the court’s electronic monitoring program. The costs are shall not exceed $11,000. The effective date is Nov. 16, 2021 for a period of three years.

The commissioners then authorized and signed a change order for the 2021 Center Line and Edge Line Striping and Center Line Layout Program on behalf of the Miami County Engineer’s Office. The agreement with the Aero-Mark Company LLC, for the engineer’s 2021 Center Line and Edge Line Striping and Center Line Layout Program will see a deduction of $7,865.23 with the total contract now being $204,636.55. Miami County Engineer Paul Huelskamp said the department did not do as much edge line striping as previously anticipated.

Next, the commissioners authorized the Engineer’s Office to purchase a 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Cab and Chassis from Advantage Chevrolet of Hodgkins, Illinois. The total cost is $48,000.

Huelskamp, who had previously talked with the commissioners about the department’s difficulty in finding trucks due to the current supply chain issues, said, “It’s amazing we found it at all.” Huelskamp said Advantage Chevrolet of Hodgkins, Illinois was able to match the pricing that the department was previously set to get from Ohio’s state contract.

Following that, the commissioners authorized preventive maintenance and inspection services for HVAC equipment on behalf of Miami County Job and Family Services. The contract with Mechanical System of Dayton Inc. is for the provision of maintaining proper care of the HVAC equipment at Department of Job and Family Services. This contract shall be effective Oct. 1, 2021 through Sept, 30, 2022 and may be renewed for two additional one-year terms, based upon satisfactory performance. Costs shall not exceed $3,185.

The commissioners then authorized a Memorandum of Agreements with New Direction Group, Substance Abuse Education Program, and Adolescent Outreach Group on behalf of Miami County Juvenile Court. The programming, which will be provided through the Miami County Recovery Council to Juvenile Court, will be for the period of Jan. 1, 2022 through Dec, 31, 2022. Costs are as follows:

• New Direction Group: $225 per program, $160 per assessment, and $150 per counseling session, cost not to exceed $25,000 per year

• Substance Abuse Education Program: $500 per program, not to exceed $6,000 per year

• Adolescent Outreach Group: $225 per program, not to exceed $8,000 per year

Next, the commissioners authorized the negotiation of a contract with Point & Pay, Inc. of Oldsmar, Florida to provide for the Miami County Multiple Department Credit Card Services. A review committee independently reviewed and ranked firms before selecting Point & Pay, Inc.

The commissioners then acknowledged grants on behalf of the Miami County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Miami County EMA will receive an emergency management performance grant award of $87,574 (50% local match required) from the state. Miami County EMA will also receive a hazardous materials emergency preparedness grant in the amount of $14,385.

Next, the commissioners re-appointed Theodore Ristoff, Ron Musilli, and Kim Harvey to a three-year term on the Troy Tax Incentive Review Council, said terms to expire Nov. 10, 2024.

Later, the commissioners authorized entering into a contract with the village of Bradford and the Miami County Sheriff for the purpose of the sheriff providing police protection to the village of Bradford. The sheriff agrees to provide 8.5 hours per day of police protection, seven days per week to the village for the period of Jan. 1, 2022 through Dec, 31, 2022. The village agrees to pay the county $7,969 per month and will also reimburse the county for fuel not to exceed $7,500.00 per year.

The commissioners then authorized the disposal of unneeded, obsolete, or unfit property on behalf of the Miami County Auditor/IT Department. The below listed equipment will be sold by internet auction through GovDeals:

• Two NEC SV8500 Phone Systems with corresponding servers with rack

• NEC SV8100 Phone System with corresponding equipment

• Various NEC and Cisco desktop phones

• Two Myers Power Rectifiers with 2-Post Racks

Lastly, the commissioners approved an annexation of 0.652 acres from Staunton Township to the city of Troy. The annexation petition was filed on behalf Edward T. Sheridan and Paula A. Sheridan. Staunton Township has acknowledged receipt of petition. The township has failed to submit an ordinance or resolution within 25 days of the petition filing consenting or objecting to said annexation, which under the Ohio Revised Code constitutes as consent to the proposed annexation.

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