Miami County Commissioners authorize annual contracts


MIAMI COUNTY — The Board of Miami County Commissioners approved a number of annual contracts on Tuesday, as well as purchases for a new truck and new computer equipment for the county.

The commissioners first discussed contracts for Miami County Municipal Court, authorizing and signing a memorandum of agreement between the commissioners, Municipal Court, and the Miami County Recovery Council (MCRC). This agreement is for the purpose of MCRC providing Municipal Court with drug and alcohol outpatient services for high-risk and moderate-risk offenders. The cost of the agreement is not to exceed $30,000. Municipal Court Administrator Anthony Blakely said the court generally uses the full amount of that agreement or close to it, working with between 8,000 and 10,000 people on probation each year.

The commissioners then authorized and signed a memorandum of agreement and agreement to purchase services with the Darke County Recovery Services, doing business as Recovery and Wellness Centers of Midwest Ohio, on behalf of Municipal Court. Recovery and Wellness Centers of Midwest Ohio will provide mental health assessment and liaison services on behalf of court-referred clients. The cost is $250 for each client identified and referred by the court. Consultative services will be bill separately and are not to exceed two hours per client, which would be $180.

The commissioners also authorized the purchase of a 2020 Dodge Durango SUV for Municipal Court that was previously tabled at a previous meeting. The commissioners voted to accept a quote from Paul Sherry Jeep & Dodge, Inc., of Piqua, for the purchase of a 2020 Dodge Durango A WD SXT SUV at a total cost not to exceed approximately $26,953 on behalf of the Municipal Court bailiffs. Blakely said this was a budgeted purchase and the court plans to purchase a new vehicle each year for the next couple of years in order to replace the three outdated vehicles currently in the bailiffs’ fleet. This purchase was made through a state contract, which commissioner Ted Mercer commented on, saying it allowed the county to purchase this higher-end vehicle for a good price.

Following that, the commissioners authorized the purchase of microfilm and related services on behalf of the Miami County Recorder’s Office. The commissioners accepted a quote from Endicott Microfilm, Inc. of Hamilton, and authorized the Recorder’s Office to purchase 100 rolls of microfilm, along with film processing services, at a total cost not to exceed approximately $4,579. That cost also includes shipping and film processing.

The commissioners also authorized and signed an amendment to the electronic recording trusted submitter agreement with Indecomm Holdings, Inc., doing business as Indecomm Global Services of Edison, N.J., as requested by the Recorder’s Office for the provision of e-recording services to submitters in Miami County. There is no cost to the county with this agreement.

Later in the meeting, the commissioners also authorized and signed contracts on behalf of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. The commissioners first authorized and signed a contract for medication-assisted treatment support between the Sheriff’s Office and the Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services. The Tri-County Board will provide the Sheriff’s Office with medications and supplies necessary to provide consenting and qualified inmates at the Miami County Jail and/or the Miami County Incarceration Facility who are addicted to narcotics. This is at no cost to the Sheriff’s Office, and the Tri-County Board will also reimburse the Sheriff’s Office $400 per month for physician services.

The commissioners then authorized the Sheriff’s Office to provide police protection to the village of Pleasant Hill for 2020. The Sheriff’s Office will provide 24 hours of police protection a week, and the village will pay the Sheriff’s Office approximately $34,616 for the year for those services.

Next, the commissioners accepted a quote from Vertiv Corporation of Columbus and authorized their services and their Factory Refresh Program for the Miami County 911 Communications Center’s uninterrupted power supply in order to insure proper performance of the center’s power supply. The cost is not to exceed approximately $5,278.

The commissioners also authorized the purchase of new equipment for the Miami County Department of Development. This purchase from MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc., include 11 HP Business desktop computers, one Planar 24-inch LED monitor, and 11 Microsoft Office 2019 standard licenses. The cost is not to exceed approximately $10,823.

At the end of their regular meeting, the commissioners also held a meeting with representatives from Outdoor Enterprises and Garmann/Miller Architects in regard to the courthouse plaza improvement project. They discussed different pavers to be used for the plaza, including the pros and cons of wire-cut clay pavers and sand mold clay pavers. Representatives from Outdoor Enterprises and Garmann/Miller Architects are expected to present the commissioners with a four- by four-foot mockup of each kind of paver.

By Sam Wildow

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