Miami County Commissioners award funds to Family Abuse Shelter


TROY –– The Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County, Ohio Inc. received approval for funding from the Miami County Commissioners at the commissioner meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

The Family Abuse Shelter will receive payments twice a year on Jan. 15, 2023 and July, 15, 2023.

The funds come from marriage and divorce fees, which was awarded to the shelter in February 1990, according to an article brought in by Mike Bessler, assistant director.

Bessler thanked the commissioners “for supporting our continued funding through marriage and divorce fees. The marriage and divorce fees constitute vital funding for us to ensure continued shelter operations. It gives us flexibility for certain areas for unfunded items, like supplies, food, and so forth.” Bessler discussed how the pandemic has impacted the shelter’s ability to receive these donated items.

“The need for domestic violence services has continued to increase. We’re seeing increases in the severity of injuries and trauma suffered by people coming into the shelter. Services for our legal advocacy have increased as well. The marriage and divorce fees support our efforts and help to make things possible for us that we might not otherwise be able to deliver,” said Bessler.

The next resolution involved the approval of fees for the Recorder’s Office which involves $4 from every document received or filed in 2023 to be placed into a fund for equipment needs for the office.

The commissioners authorized the purchase of five firewalls for the fire station alerting system for the communication center. The cost of the purchase shall not exceed $5,325.

The Emergency Management Agency (EMA) was approved to purchase a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4WD Pickup Truck for $48,795.

Then, the commissioners authorized the electronic monitoring equipment lease and service agreement with BI Monitoring Services Inc. for the Municipal Court. The monthly lease for five LOC8 XT units is $2.95 per unit per day for a cost of $5,383.75. Monitoring fees is $1.35 per unit per day for a cost of $2,463.75. The total cost of the agreement is $7,847.50.

Next, the commissioners authorized the document destruction services for the Miami County Juvenile/Probate Court for the onsite document shredding services which includes the placement of six bins. The bins are emptied and shredded every four weeks. The cost is $144 per month for both courts. The contract is in effect for three years.

The next two resolutions involved the release of financial guaranty for two agreements. The first is in the amount of $6,258 for the North Branch Pass Subdivision phase 2 which leaves a balance of $164,374.75. The second is in the amount of $215,810 for the Fenner Farms Subdivision which leaves a balance of $399,190.

The final resolution was to set the hearing date for zoning applications. The applications include the Equity Trust in Monroe Township, Linda Swafford of Monroe Township, and Jaron Fullerton of Newberry Township. The heating date is set for Thursday, Oct. 20 at 1:35 p.m.

Commissioner Ted Mercer was not in attendance.

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