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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part one of the May 9 inspection of Dragon City in Piqua. Part two of the inspection will be in the next edition, as well as on

Information was provided is by Miami County Public Health.

May 9

• Dragon City, 1598 Covington Ave., Piqua: Follow-Up Inspection.

At time of inspection, restroom did not have a holder for the paper towel roll. Install hangar for paper towel roll so the paper towels can be used properly.

Corrected during inspection: No soap at handwashing sink near the back door at time of inspection. After informing person-in-charge (PIC), hand soap dispenser was placed at the handwashing sink near the back door.

Critical: At time of inspection, observed front area and back area handsinks to be obstructed and not easily accessible. Boxes and equipment were positioned in front of the handsinks at time of inspection. 05-09-22: Back handsink was accessible at time of inspection. Front handsink was still obstructed by a prep table at time of inspection. Prior to departing, the process for moving the prep table to make the handsink accessible was started.

Corrected during inspection; critical: At time of inspection, observed several dented cans stored with cans in good conditions. Informed PIC and cans were stored away from the cans in good condition so they could be returned.

Corrected during inspection; critical: A Home Depot bucket was observed being used for sauce. After informing PIC, the sauce and bucket were voluntarily discarded.

At time of inspection, observed the following: 1. Food and sauce containers in bottom of reach in cooler and in walk-in cooler without coverings or lids. Ensure food and sauces are covered when being stored.

At time of inspection, observed utensils stored on wire shelf above prep sink in splash proximity. Move shelving higher to prevent splash from the prep sink from contaminating utensils, or move utensils so they are not stored above the prep sink.

Observed: 1. Wood blocks in the equipment next to the wok station. Remove wood pieces or ensure wood pieces are sealed so they are non-absorbent. 2. Front counter shelves are absorbent and not easily cleanable. Replace with a smooth and easily cleanable material.

At time of inspection, observed a large amount of ice build up in the walk-in freezer. Ensure walk-in freezer is properly repaired so ice build-up does not occur. 05-09-22: Freezer still has ice build up on the condenser unit. De ice and repair unit if necessary to ensure ice build-up does not occur.

At time of inspection, observed residential crock pots x2 and residential refrigerator to be in use in the facility. All equipment used in the facility shall be approved by a recognized food equipment testing agency. 05-09-22: Residential crock pots were removed at time of inspection. Residential refrigerator still present at time of inspection.

At time of inspection, observed encrusted grease and carbon build up in the woks on the cooking line. Clean woks and remove encrusted grease and carbon build up.

At time of inspection, observed hood vents above wok cooking area and deep friers to have excessive grease build-up. Ensure vent hoods are cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. 05-09-22: At time of inspection, observed the following: 1. Handles of equipment still dirty and sticky. Clean handles on walk-in units, reach-in coolers, wok handles, rice cooker handles, and other equipment that has dirt, debris, and/or grease build-up. 2. Dirty surfaces on the table to the left of the deep frier and the wall of the deep frier. Pull out equipment and clean the hard to reach areas. 3. Shelving in walk-in cooler has debris and grease build up. Clean shelving. 4. 3-bay sink with encrusted build up that is rough to the touch. Clean 3-bay so it is smooth and free of build up and debris.

At time of inspection, PIC could not provide any record of grease trap being cleaned. Get grease trap cleaned and provide records to inspector.

At time of inspection, did not observed backflow prevention device testing documentation. Ensure backflow is tested and certified annually by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Critical: At time of inspection, observed no air gap on the prep sink. Ensure an air gap of at least 2 inches is created between the rim of the floor sink and the bottom of the drain pipe for the prep sink.

Observed dumpster enclosure to have boxes and other refuse scattered around the dumpster and the dumpsters were at capacity. Maintain dumpster area clean and free of refuse and other unecessary items.

Observed floor and wall junctions throughout the facility to have gaps and not coved. Fill gaps and holes and install cove base to prevent pest infiltration and allow for effective cleaning of the floors.

At time of inspection, observed many unnecessary items to the food service operation to be present in the facility. Ensure facility is maintained free of unnecessary items, items that are no longer used, and litter. 05-09-22: At time of inspection, observed unnecessary items removed from last visit, but some were still present in the food service operation (FSO). Remove unnecessary and unused items from the FSO.

Observed holes that need to be filled in the following locations: 1. In the wall on the left side of the walk-in freezer vertically up the side. 2. Under the back handsink near the back door. 3. Under the wok line on the wall/floor junction.

At time of inspection, observed floors, walls, and ceiling to be unclean with large amounts of dirt and grease build-up. Clean floors walls and ceilings so they are free of dirt, debris, and grease build-up. 05-09-22: Observed: 1. Facility observed to be cleaner than the visit on 05-06-22, but more cleaning is still needed. Be sure to focus on cleaning the hard to reach areas underneath, between, and behind equipment and storage. 2. Restroom is observed with mold like build up on walls and around toilet. Clean restroom and remove mold like build up. 3. Walk-in freezer floor observed with dirt and debris build up. Clean walk-in freezer floors. 4. Floor drains observed dirty. Clean floor drains and floor sinks.

Observed mop drying on the floor and no mop hangar present to dry mops. Install mop hangar and ensure mops are hung up to dry.

Hood vents to be leaking grease from behind them. The front surface appeared clean, but a professional deep cleaning is needed on the hood vents located above the wok area.

At time of inspection, observed the walk in cooler area to have a lighting intensity of 1 foot candle. Increase lighting to at least 10 foot candles in walk-in units and dry food storage areas. 05-09-22: Walk-in cooler observed to be 1 foot candle of lighting. Lighting needs to be increased to at least 10 foot candles in the walk-in cooler.

At time of inspection, observed the food prep area to have a lighting intensity of 11 foot candles. Increase lighting to 50 foot candles in food prep areas and at a surface where a food employee is working with food or working with utensils or equipment such as knives, slicers, grinders, or saws where employee safety is a factor . 05-09-22: Observed foot candles in prep areas and cooking area to be 24 foot candles. Lighting still needs to be increased to 50 footcandles or greater in the food prep and wok cooking area.

FSO did not have a person in charge per shift with the person in charge certification in food protection. Obtain person in charge food safety certification.

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