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May 19

• El Herradero, 1598 Covington Ave., Piqua: Follow-Up Inspection.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical; According to person-in-charge (PIC), cheese dip, verde sauce, and ranchero sauce were not heated on the stove prior to placing in the hot holding unit. PIC informed employees and the containers were moved to a water bath on the stove to reheat them to 165 F before being placed in the hot holding.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical; Repeat; At time of inspection, observed the following: 1. Cheese dip – 86 F 2. Verde sauce – 83 F 3. Ranchero sauce – 83 F 4. Refried beans – 125 F All items were placed in the hot table within an hour. Informed PIC, and the containers were pulled for reheating on the stove before being placed in hot holding unit.

Repeat; At time of inspection, observed the following: 1. Gaps under back door in rear of facility next to restroom and mop sink location. Replace door sweep so there are no gaps under doors where pests could infiltrate. 2. Gaps under walk-in cooler door to outside. Repair door and/or install door sweep to ensure no gaps are present to prevent pest infiltration from outside.

Repeat; Equipment components are not intact, tight or properly adjusted. Observed the following: 1. Reach-in cooler door handle in disrepair. Repair. 2. 2-bay being used as a prep sink is sagging and is not properly supported. Repair so sink does not sag and is properly supported.

Repeat; At time of inspection, observed the following: 1. Shelving containing pans and other equipment to be made out of wood. Replace shelving with a material that is corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, and smooth. 2. Walls around mop sink constructed of drywall and are absorbent. Install material around walls of mop sink that is corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, and smooth. 05-19-22: 1. Observed plexiglass placed over the top of the wood on the shelving. This is a temporary solution, and long term, a corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, and smooth surface will need to be used instead. 2. At time of inspection, walls were not changed.

Critical; Repeat; Direct connection between the sewage system and a drain originating from equipment in which food, portable equipment, or utensils are placed. 2-bay being used as a prep sink needs to be indirectly plumbed and have a 2” or greater air gap.

Repeat; Observed dumpster enclosure to have boxes and other refuse scattered around the dumpster. Maintain dumpster enclosure clean and free of refuse and other unecessary items. 05-19-22: Continue to work with the other facilities that share the dumpster area to clean up the area. Ensure lids are closed on the dumpsters as well.

Repeat; At time of inspection, walk-in cooler flooring loose and observed coming apart at joints. Repair walk-in cooler so flooring is repaired, secure, and properly sealed.

Repeat; At time of inspection, observed walk-in cooler lighting to be at 2 foot candles. Lighting is required to be a minimum of 10 foot candles in walk-in refrigeration units. Enhance lighting.

Repeat; Light intensity less than fifty foot candles in required areas. Observed a light meter reading of 25 foot candles in the prep areas. Ensure greater lighting is achieved.

Repeat; FSO did not have a person in charge per shift with the person in charge certification in food protection. Attain the proper training.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection:

Food contamination prevention – eating, drinking, or using tobacco – Employee drinking in non-designated area. Observed employee’s drinking beverages on prep lines throughout the facility. Designate an area for food employees to store personal items to prevent contamination of food products.

Using a handwashing sink – accessible at all times – Observed handsink in bar area had a blender top inside it and a cup sat on the side of it.

Cleanliness of equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils – At time of inspection, observed mold like build up in ice machine. Clean ice machine.

Thawing – temperature and time control – TCS foods not properly thawed. Observed ground beef thawed at room temperature overnight. Upon informing the PIC, the ground beef was voluntarily discarded.

Food preparation – preventing contamination from the premises – Food not protected from environmental sources of contamination during preparation. Observed milk used for food preparation being poured into a large metal pot on the floor of the facility. Food preparation should not occur on floors.

Equipment, utensils, linens – storage – At time of inspection, observed clean dishes being stored next to handsink located across from warewashing area. Handsink use caused water to splash over onto the clean dishes. Relocate dishes or install a splash guard to prevent splash onto the clean dishes.

Cleanliness of nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment – At time of inspection, observed the following: 1. Mold like build up on caulking on the right side of the 3-bay sink across from the dish washer. 2. Clean dishes storage racks adjacent to the warewashing area observed with oil dripping off of them. Clean storage racks and rewash dishes and equipment in contact with the storage racks and dishes underneath the storage rack. 3. Bar area equipment has sticky build up on the blender & soda pop syrup rack, beer on the floor of the reach in keg cooler, and beer on the bottom of the top down reach in cooler with bottles of beer. Clean these pieces of equipment.


At time of reinspection, discussed options with person-in-charge to protect the outdoor walk-in cooler. PIC is currently looking into a keypad lock to keep the cooler safe from non-employee access. Inspector also proposed fencing in the area with the walk-in cooler, and also expanding the walk-in cooler inside the building so a door can be installed inside to access it. PIC informed inspectors that he would consider the options and get back to us. PIC also mentioned that the flooring of the walk in cooler is either going to be repaired or replaced. Miami County Public Health is requiring the issue with protecting the outdoor walk in cooler to be addressed within 90 days.

Discussed replumbing of the 2-bay prep sink in the kitchen area. PIC stated plumber will be coming out to assess and fix the issue and contact Miami County Public Health’s plumbing department to ensure a proper permit is pulled for the work.

Continue to work on correcting violations.

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