Miami County Public Health encourages face masks for students


Staff reports

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Public Health (MCPH) is encouraging all parents to have their students wear masks to school to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Properly wearing a mask is highly recommended as one important way to keep students safe and in school,” MCPH officials stated in a press release on Monday.

On Friday, Troy City Schools asked parents to have their children wear face coverings after they announced they had over 300 students quarantined due to close contact exposure to other students who tested positive for COVID-19. Those quarantines stemmed from approximately 33 positive cases. Face masks are currently optional at Troy schools

Since Aug. 1, Miami County has had 1,060 new COVID cases, 61 new hospitalizations, and nine new deaths related to COVID-19, according to MCPH. That is an additional 155 new COVID cases and two new hospitalizations to the COVID figures released on Friday.

MCPH is also encouraging all eligible county residents to get vaccinated, including students who are 12 years old and older who are eligible to get vaccinated. If a student is exposed to a positive case in school, they may not need to quarantine and be out of school if they are wearing a mask and are vaccinated. These are critical public health measures that can ensure students can participate “in-person” at school and school activities.

“The best way to make sure that your child can stay in school and not have his or her classes interrupted is for that child to be vaccinated,” MCPH officials stated in a press release. “If that child cannot be vaccinated, then best way to ensure a good school year is for that child to wear a mask in class.”

Miami County Health Commissioner Dennis Propes said, “Please have your students wear a mask to school, and please get vaccinated and encourage anyone in your family who is eligible to get vaccinated. Not only will this help kids to stay in school, but it will also help some parents ensure they can get to work and not have to stay home with their children if they are quarantined.”

For those interested in getting a vaccine, MCPH has various appointments available. To make an appointment, call 937-573-3518 or 937-573-3520. Additional information on COVID-19 data and other vaccine providers in the area can be found through Ohio’s central scheduling system at and

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