Miami County Public Health offers limited services


MIAMI COUNTY — While the majority of the Miami County Public Health staff is focused on investigating coronavirus-related issues and monitoring businesses, some services are still available to the public during the state’s Stay at Home order.

The health department, located in the Hobart Center for Government at 510 W. Water Street, Troy, is still offering flu and pneumonia shots, but has put other vaccinations on hold at this time.

“We are doing a lot of investigations into the COVID-19 cases, so we are extremely busy with that,” said Melette Bailey, R.N. at Miami County Public Health.

The health department’s reproductive clinic still has options available for family planning. Bailey said the clinic is still offering long-term planning options like IUDs in office. Birth control options are available for current patients through a telehealth visit with the doctor prior to the medication dispensed curbside. Birth control by injection must be performed in the clinic.

Well-child clinics are also using telehealth visits for children and to stay current on prescriptions, but not necessarily holding well-child monthly checks.

“If you have anyone that may need services, whether its someone that’s pregnant and doesn’t have insurance, or a reproductive health patient for birth control or STD testing, have them give us a call. We are trying to be as flexible as we can,” Bailey said.

The prenatal clinic is for those who do not have insurance. A doctor is available on site, and the majority of appointments will take place in office. Appointments are staggered for social distancing to limit contact with other patients.

The facility is considered closed, but it can be accessed by the public by phone and pass a temperature screen and questions prior to being admitted inside. If you have an appointment with nursing, call 937-573-3518 for an employee to open the door to enter.

Bailey said numbers are lower than normal because of spacing patients, but the health department has not had to turn anyone away for services.

For more information, visit or call (937) 573-3500.

Clinic open for specific public health needs

By Melanie Yingst

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