Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Cynthia Smith, Wesley Smith to Neil Francis, one lot, $315,000.

Aaron Selwood, Stefanie Selwood to June Craft, Tony Craft, one lot, $285,000.

Lee Roth, Linda Roth to Anthony Yates, Krista Yates, one lot, $213,000.

Naomi Brown, NOrman Brown to Betsy Eberg, one lot, $259,900.

Halifax Land Company to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $49,900.

Nancyanne Welsh to Raquel Loy, one lot, $124,900.

Amie Davis to Amie Purnell Davis to Charles Harshman, Kathryn Harshman, one lot, $374,900.

Estate of James Lambert, Elaine Stepp to Richard Ritchey, one lot, $45,500.

Samantha Farling, Chad Willyard to Pradeep Patel, Ranjan Patel, one lot, $190,000.

Harbor West Land Company to S.M. O’Neal Construction LLC, one lot, $49,900.


Estate of Robert Weber to Kathryn Weber, one lot, $0.

Estate of Richard Palsgrove II, Andrea Heeley, administrator to Dalton Peak, two lots, $29,700.

Sherry Banning, Robert Palsgrove, Ronald Palsgrove, Rose Palsgrove, Stacey Palsgrove to Dalton Peak, two lots, $88,900.

Ana Keck, James Keck to Alisha Best, Shawn Best, one lot, $350,000.

Chad Bowers, Erica Bowers to Chad Bowers, Erica Bowers, one lot, $0.

American Land Investments Ltd. to Nathan Payne, a part lot, $118,900.


Cynthia Keefer, John Keefer to Kristina Harbour, Rio Harbour, one lot, $289,000.

Betsy Eberg to Elizabeth Van Neset, one lot, $232,000.

Jacqueline Collins to Gregory Bueno Jr., Kayla Bueno, one lot, $154,900.

Forrest Campbell to Kevin Campbell, one lot, $0.


Charlotte Cobb, Jason Cobb to Christoper Watson, one lot, $136,000.

Rhonda Bayer, Denise Bayer, Duane Bayer, attorney in fact, Lloyd Bayer, Susan Bayer, Walter Bayer to Leisa Plank, one lot, $109,000.


Bayer Development Group to Beth Boland, Jeffery Boland, one lot, $32,500.


Sandeep Saini to Dalvir Saini, two lots, $0.

Amanda McClure, Robert McClure to Thomas Schell, two lots, $203,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Lola Umiev, Rauf Umiev, two lots, $380,100.

Inverness Group Inc. to Abdulla Aliyev, Rakhima Mirzayeva, two lots, $427,400.


Kim Baker, Steven Baker to Moya Mote, William Mote, a part lot, $422,500.

Daniel Watson, Shannon Watson to Jacob Stinson, Tiffany Stinson, $89,000.

Tina Dunlop, Tina Gonsiewski to Tina Gonsiewski Revocable Living Trust, $0.


Gillford King, Jeffrey King, executor to Pamela Klatte, $205,000.

Deann Bechtol, attorney in fact, Robert Dufala to Miranda Huddle, Isaac Stockslager, one lot, $165,000.

SCT Builders Ltd. to Sarah Woodson, Sean Woodson, one lot, $439,000.


Kimberly Fujimura, Martin Fujimura, Richard Samuels, attorney in fact to Christopher Drye, Erin Drye, one lot, $262,000.

Merlin Collins to Anessa Snapp, one lot, $0.

Anessa Snapp to Anessa Snapp, C. Rhett Snapp, one lot, $0.

Steven Smith to Steven Smith, trustee, $0.


Jeffrey Miller, Shirley Miller to Anthony Iddings, Carolyn Iddings, $375,000.


Harlow Builders Inc. to David Couch, 0.779 acres, $175,000.


Carrie Welbaum, Matthew Welbaum to Larkin Welbaum, 13.887 acres, $111,100.

RWT Capital LLC to Alexander Crabtree, Cassy Crabtree, $72,000.

Adrian Rozwadowski to Melissa Holbrook, 1.0 acre, $170,000.


Rosalie Scott to Carl Krumroy, Darcy Krumroy, one lot, $164,500.

John Guillozet to Amanda Crump, one lot, $140,000.

Linda Cotterman Revocable Trust to Linda Cotterman, $0.

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