Miami County real estate transactions



• Shanshan Du and Yu Qin to Lindsay L. Desantis and Justin S. Moorman, one lot, $390,000.

• Jason Byrd to Brittany A. Byrd, FKA, and Brittany A. Rosenstiel, one lot, $0.

• LTD Jase to Derrick Spitler and Britney Whitlock, one lot, $199,900.

• Mark L. Stookey to Tamara A. Hufford, NKA, and Tamara A. Stookey, one lot, $0.

• Brittany A. Rosenstiel to Brittany A. Rosenstiel and Joseph Allen Rosenstiel, one lot, $0.

• Connie Sue Mefferd and Douglas L. Mefferd to Rodney S. Westfall, one lot, $247,500.

• James Rench to Johnny Rench, one lot, $0.

• Johnny Rench and AKA Jonnie Rench to Brian Callihan, one lot, $45,300.

• Carolyn L. Taylor and James A. Taylor to Beth Addis, one lot, $397,000.

• Amy M. De Vos, Thomas De Vos, and Amy M. Dynes, FKA, to Amy M. De Vos and Thomas De Vos, one lot, $0.

• Solutions Real Estate Investments, LLC to Ashley Nichole Miller and Brandon Robert Wildermuth, one lot, $150,000.

• Kaitlin Cantrell, Zachary Cantrell, AKA, Zachery Cantrell, Kelly Lynn Monnin, Kelly Monnin, AKA, Michael Christopher Monnin, and Alice Wear to Charles J. Bledsoe, one lot, $99,000.

• Cathy J. Wolfe and Cathy Jane Wolfe, AKA, to Sheena L. Jones, one lot, $120,000.

• Daniel J. Anthony to WN Troy, LLC, one lot, $400,000.

• Amanda L. Wehunt to WN Troy, LLC, one lot, $225,000.

• Estate of Sally K. Sigman to Donald E. Sigman, one lot, $0.

• Jamen Lavy and Jennifer Lavy to Connie S. Mefferd, one lot, $106,000.


• Mark H. Mills and Tina Mills to Zack B. Cayton, one lot, $40,000.

• Kassandra Barga and Zachary L. Barga to Matthew Lee Ballou and Jenna McConnnell, one lot, $258,000.

• Patricia K. Obara Revocable Living Trust and Patricia K. Obara, Trustee, to the city of Piqua, one lot, $0.

• Susan K. Souders and Joshua Souders, one lot, $0.

• Brian T. Kendall and Holly J. Kendall to Brian T. Kendall and Holly J. Kendall, one lot, $0.

• Christine L. Matney, FKA, Christine L. Price, and David R. Price to Bret N. Boll, one lot, $294,900.

• Patricia K. Obara Revocable Living Trust and Patricia K. Obara, Trustee, to CHBC Property Managment LLC, one lot, $227,200.

• Alice H. Hauser and Douglas D. Hauser to Kristina Jacobsen, one lot, $110,500.

• Estate of Gary E. Franklin to Garrison Franklin, one lot, $0.

• Estate of Gary E. Franklin to Chelsea Dawson, one lot, $0.

• Estate of Gary E. Franklin to Garrison Franklin, one lot, $0.

• Teeters Read Estate Investments, LLC to Alexander Telecom, Inc. and Indian Ridge Builders, DBA, one lot, $25,000.

• Estate of Donald Leroy Hergenrather and Donald L. Hergenrather, AKA, to Bonnie Searles, one lot, $0.

• Eileen Veronica Dever Clawson Brown, to Jack Pleasant, one lot, $52,500.

Tipp City

• Anthony L. Vissoc and Michelle M. Vissoc to Anthony L. Vissoc, one lot, $0.

• NVR, Inc. to Michael P. Land, one lot, $445,700.

• Jon C. Rouse and Nichole Rouse to Gilmore Property Buyers LLC, one lot, $126,500.

West Milton

• Stephanie M. Jones, Nicholas Luciano, and Stephanie M. Luciano, NKA, to Nicholas Luciano and Stephanie M. Luciano, one lot, $0.

Huber Heights

• Linda K. Garlow and William D. Garlow to Dale Horstmann, one lot, $179,900.

• Elizabeth A. Overbay to Cassie E. Hurst and John P. Hurst, one lot, $253,900.


• Charles Bowman and Doris E. Bowman to Linda Brown, Linda L. Brown, AKA, and Linda L. Staten, FKA, one lot, $0.

Concord Township

• Cameron Barnett and Eden Barnett to Ashley Remmetter and Jordan Remmetter, 0.717 acres, $290,000.

• Michelle C. Compton, FKA, Michelle C. Craig, Willard Todd Craig to Michelle C. Craig and Willard Todd Craig, one lot, $0.

• Dianne B. Strete to Sandra Griffith, one lot, $225,000.

• David C. Murray and Linda J. Murray to Christopher Broderick and Mary Broderick, one lot, $335,000.

Newberry Township

• Beth Ann Booher to Dennis L. Booher, one lot, $0.

• Dennis H. Fry, Melanie A. Fry, Attorney in fact Melanie A. Fry, Allen W. Worley, Gregory L. Yoder, Maureen L. Yoder, and Attorney in fact Maureen L. Yoder to Jaron Fullerton and Kate Fullerton, 10.628 acres, $190,000.

Bethel Township

• Attorney-in-fact Kendra L. Carpenter, Kenneth C. Carpenter, and Sharon L. Carpenter to Duane E. Dunivan and Elizabeth Sue Dunivan, one lot, $405,500.

• Jonathan M. Gaull-Underation and Gregory Adam Underation to Alyssa Nicole Burns and Zachary Burns, one lot, $365,000.

• Next Level Enterprises, LLC to Nishwitz Enterprises LLC, 0.428 acres, $38,000.

Staunton Township

• Dona A. Houser, Dona A. Houser, Successor Trustee, and Treva A. Scheckelhoff Irrevocable Trust to Bettie E. Taylor, 10.993 acres, $149,000.

Union Township

• Estate of Maxine S. Ginn to Sandra K. Taylor, 21.796 acres, 51.983 acres, and 85.0563 acres, $0.

Monroe Township

• Pamela S. Overholser to Heather Savage, one lot, $37,000.

Springcreek Township

• Jakob S. Argabright, Mary L. Argabright, NKA, and Mary L. Wagner to Jakob S. Argabright and Mary L. Argabright, 4.000 acres, $0.

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