Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Hollister Carter, Lance Carter, Rachel Carter, Shane Carter to D&S Custom Millwork, $37,500.

Estate of Raymond Clutter, Sheldon Clutter, administrator to Bow Co. LLC, one lot, $122,500.

BFJ Premier Rental Properties to Jesse Lucas, one lot, $118,000.

Richard Steineman to Amy Halderman, one lot, $42,500.

Anne Cossaboon to Anne Cossaboon, Rodney Cossaboon, one lot, $0.

CJS Realty to David Rannel, Kimberly Rammel, $0.

Troy Land Development Inc. to NVR Inc., one lot, $65,900.

Troy Land Development Inc. to NVR Inc., one lot, $65,900.

Frederic Thuillier, Fei Yan to Jacob Holp, Shelby Jones, one lot, $227,000.

Brianna Burt, Jacob Burt to Wayne Hale Jr., one lot, $206,500.

Debra Smallenbarger, Spencer Smallenbarger to Peggy Feltner, one lot, $53,000.

Heather Maxwell, James Maxwell to Daniel Linimore, Melissa Lindimore, one lot, $200,000.

Barbara Miller to Barbara Miller, trustee, R.O. Rebstock Revocable Trust, one lot, $0.

C&B Rentals to SJFam LLC, $412,500.

C&B Rentals to Hildo Properties, one lot, $343,800.

C&B Rentals to Halifax Townhomes, one lot, $343,800.

David Fuls, Heather Fuls to Quad K Homes, $85,000.

Bruce Krauth, Rachel Krauth to Travis Grieves, Kassidy Jensen, one lot, $185,100.


Barton McGraw to Barton McGraw, Lisa McGraw, $0.

Frank Straehla Jr. to Sally Straehla, one lot, $0.

Juanita Beireis, Juanita Chism, Mack Chism, Donita Gast to Leanne Smith, Patrick Smith, one lot, $85,000.

Bruce Young, Tracey Young to T&B Young Properties, one lot, one part lot, $0.

Bruce Young, Tracey Young to T&B Young Properties, one part lot, $0.

Bruce Young, Tracey Young to T&B Young Properties, two lots, one part lot, $0.

American Land Investments Ltd. to Carolina Ramos, Heather Ramos, two part lots, $167,000.

Carol Koenig, trustee, James Koenig, trustee, Koenig Revocable Living Trust to Ann Blanck, Michael Blanck, two part lots, $249,900.

Michelle Mitchell, Sean Mitchell to Darla Cameron, Scot Cameron, one lot, $169,500.


Salita Kaistha to Salita Kaistha, Paul Warren, one lot, $0.

James Oriti, Tiffany Oriti, Tiffany Patterson to Barbara Etter, co-trustee, Michael Etter, co-trustee, Michael and Barbara Etter Trust, $445,000.

Charles Frazier, Deborah Frazier to Kimberly Baileys, one lot, $212,000.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Charles Powder, Margaret Powder to Charles Powder Second Amended and Restated Revocable Living Trust, Margaret Powder, trustee, one lot, $0.

Allison Foster, Tucker Foster to Trabca Properties, one lot, $0.

Hughes Development Company to Daniele Lee, Zach Lee, a part lot, $170,000.

Estate of Rhonda Debord, Jason Skaggs, administrator to Eric White, Jennifer White, one lot, $439,900.


Phyllis Smith to Sandra Simpson, one lot, $121,300.

Coles Land LLC to Abbey Credit Union Inc., one lot, $310,000.

Beverly Brubaker Gregory Brubaker, Nicklaus Brubaker to Nicklaus Brubaker, one lot, $0.

Neva Jean Sanders to Lisa Taylor, one lot, $150,000.

Jason Land, Kathleen Land to Alicia Walls, two lots, $149,000.


Corridor Development Company to D.R. Horton-Indiana LLC, multiple lots, $349,200.

Michael White, Stephanie White, Diane Witt, Harold Witt to Michael White, Stephanie White, two lots, $0.

Nira Nivea Martinez Rodriguez, Emmanuel Santiago Morales to Jake Minnick, Katy Minnick, two lots, $250,000.

Nira Nivea Martinez Rodriguez to Emmanuel Santiago Morales, two lots, $0.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV LLC, two lots, $65,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV LLC, two lots, $65,500.

NVR Inc. to William Jacon, Donna King, two lots, $355,400.

NVR Inc. to Colleen Chapman, Justin Ykema, two lots, $321,400.

Jo Ann Swank to Janice Boblitt, Terry Boblitt, two lots, $209,900.

NVR Inc. to Aubrey Lowe, Brandon Lowe, two lots, $271,300.


Leona Schmidt Irrevocable Trust, Janet Sprenkel, trustee to Blake Magoto, one lot, $116,000.


Alison Burt, Alison Scott, Logan Scott to Summer Causey, two part lots, $87,600.


Vicki Hartzell, Robin Staley,Robin Vanhook to Tanna Hutson, Ted Hutson, Todd Hutson, two lots, $0.


Melissa Archer, Robert Archer to American Home Vendors, a part lot, $15,000.


Bonnie Gregg, Randall Gregg to Danny Hill, one lot, one part lot, $76,000.


Jeana Hooten Revocable Living Trust, Norma Palmer, successor trustee to Matthew Witt, Tara Witt, $330,000.

Solutions for Manufacturing to Eva Rigsby, Mark Rigsby, 1.124 acre, 1.529 acre, $206,000.

Matthew Davis to Andrew Swasey, Chelsey Swasey, one lot, $265,000.


Glenna Springhart, Kevin Springhart to Frederick Kieswetter, Julie Kiesewetter, $0.

Glenna Springhart, Kevin Springhart to Jessica Woods, $0.


Mark Batdorf to Mark Batdorf, Nancy Batdorf, $0.


Burke Family Preservation Trust, Paul Burke, David Burke to Hewe McNelly, Michelle McNelly, one lot, $330,000.

Rodney Herzog, Tricia Herzog to Alexandria Beard, Simon Beard, one lot, $306,500.

North Branch Land Company LLC to Raysun Investments, $62,900.

John Webb to Melissa Leonardi, Scott Leonardi, 5.001 acres, $550,000.

Ashlee Perkins to George Perkins II, one lot, $0.


Gaye Cavender, W. Michael Cavender, Brian Seipel, Elizabeth Seipel, Laurie Seipel, Norman Seipel, Scott Seipel to Ellen Haney, three lots, $159,900.


D’Ann Runkle, Trenton Runkle to Trenton Runkle, 0.864 acre, 84.504 acres, $0.

Alicia Holler Walls to Jason Holler, 6.439 acres, $165,000.

Estate of Emerson Hillman Jr., Anne Frayne, administrator to Benjamin Sparks, two lots, $142,000.


Ernest Smith to Debra Anthony Ronald Anthony, 1.033 acres, $330,000.

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