Miami County Real Estate transactions



Catherine Spencer, David Spencer to Catherine Spencer, $0.

Troy Land Development Inc. to NVR Inc., one lot, $65,900.

C&B rentals to Trium Properties, multiple lots, $1,700,000.

Jordan Carter to Lindsey Haines, $147,900.

Estate of Linda Talling to Gregory Dillon, two lots, $0.

Benjamin Keith, Emily Keith to Breanne Bair, a part lot, $150,000.

Anna Kerber, Grant Kerber to Shirley Elifritz, Zachary Herron, two part lots, $209,900.

Cody Fair, Lauren Fair to Elizabeth Fair, one lot, $62,900.

Gail November to Brian Brunswick, Melinda Brunswick, one lot, $135,900.

Robert Winner to Amy Baugher, Amy Winner, one lot, $0.

Bradley Sneed, Gregory Wintrow, Kari Wintrow, Melissa Wintrow to Abbey Jacobs, one lot, $120,000.

Up North Construction Ltd. to James Prenger, one lot, $344,900.

Scott Properties of troy to Ricky Slough, one lot, $104,000.

Michael Bowers, Tina Bowers, Tina Shepard to Evan Gerity, one lot, $147,500.

Christopher Bardasian, Linda Bardasian, Bruce Scherzinger, Eileen Scherzinger to Jeanette Ewing, Roger Ewing, one lot, $112,000.


Dorothy Alexander, Regina Mumford, attorney in fact to Samantha Hutton, Timothy Hutton, $118,000.

G. Brent Lange, Georgia Lange to Bradley Erwin, $204,900.

City of Piqua to Reiser Proeprties, two part lots, $0.

Judith Quinter, Vernon Quinter to Reiser Proeprties, $185,000.

Estate of Vonna Williams to Stacy Clark, $0.

Alexander Telecom Inc., Indian Ridge Builders to Jennifer Smith, Kevin Smith, one lot, $408,400.

Joe Adams, Julie Adams, Cathy Fry, L. Edwards Fry, Julie Fry Adams, April Vosler, David Vosler to Bridget Snapp, Ryan Snapp, one lot, $218,000.

David Bates, Margaret Bates to David Bates, Margaret Bates, one lot, $0.

Estate of Wilfred Schulze to Debra Evans, Schulze Family Trust, $0.

Michael Basye, Tina Basye to Chase Myers, one lot, $84,000.

Terri Fischer, Timothy Fischer to Holly Johnson, Tyler Johnson, a part lot, $175,500.

Linda Carter, William Carter to Carter Preservation Trust, Megan Pearson, trustee, a part lot, $0.

Donald Retterbush Declaration of Trust to Daniel Gallagher, Michelle Gallagher, one lot, $430,000.

Gail Middleton, Gail Welch, James Welch to Jacque Spitler, Jon Spitler, a part lot, $55,000.

Patrick Hayes, Sirena Hayes to David Eichelberger, Melinda Eichelberger, one lot, $57,000.

Hubert Kuhn Jr., Sandra Kuhn to Kevin Kuhn, Kelly Thomas, one lot, $0.

Cheryl Neibert, Richard Neibert to Hemm Properties, a part lot, $55,000.

Fay Shoemaker, Lloyd Shoemaker to Mutawakkil Carter, Hyacinth Hall, one lot, $284,900.

Jennifer Miller to Austin Ward, a part lot, $80,000.


Brittasha Oswalt, Brittasha Thompson, James Thompson to Amy Jacomet, Jason Jacomet, a part lot, $134,900.

Jon Furrow, Shery Furrow to Graham Furrow, a part lot, $0.

Bradley Weer to Rebecca Weer, a part lot, $0.

Richard Canan, Skylar Canan, Skylar Jessup to Richard Canan, Skylar Canan, one lot, $0.


Kristin Ashmore, guardian, Estate of Rosemary Lemaster to Seth Coverstone, a part lot, $102,500.


Angela Doll, Gary Doll to Frank Thames, Jessica Zitzer, one lot, $395,000.

Marissa Kleman, Marissa Rindler to Jared Rindler, Marissa Rindler, one lot, $0.

Susan Spangler, Ted Spangler to Ambre Hurak, Douglas Hurak, one lot, $464,000.

Susan Buynak, Susan Wourms to Charles Buynak, a part lot, $0.

Shannon Rammel to Robin Mackintosh, three part lots, $175,000.

Upper Room Faith Assembly, Upper Room Worship Center to Smokehouse HOlding Company, two part lots, $198,000.

Leslie Holzen, TImothy Holzen to Ashley Flynn, Caleb Flynn, one lot, $244,900.

Surya Properties to Dipti Shah, one lot, $0.

Surya Properties to Dipti Shah, one lot, $0.

Timothy Laymon to Daniel Blaine, Meagan Blaine, one lot, $127,500.

Kevin Dilbone, Kristen Dilbone to Joshua Bobb, Kaityln Bobb, one lot, $182,000.


Samantha Hutton, Timothy Hutton to Crystal Hall, one lot, $135,000.

Kyla Mtcastle to Liam Godin, a part lot, $29,700.

Katherine Klepinger, William Klepinger to Erin Scowden, one lot, $110,000.


NVR Inc. to Eric Brocious, two lots, $270,000.

NVR Inc. to Jay Patel, two lots, $319,500.

Sarah Diltz, Sarah Joyce to Sarah Diltz, Travis Diltz, $0.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,200.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Kristen Koronich, Ryan Koronich, two lots, $312,800.


Carolyn Workman, George Workman Jr. to Carolyn Workman, George Workman Jr., $0.

Estate of Daniel Durst to Rose Durst, Vicki Knops, $0.


3 Gen D LLC to Richard Wall, Sheila Wall, $89,900.

Aaron Cozatt, Alaina Cozatt to Aaron Cozatt, Alaina Cozatt, one lot, $0.

Kent Monnin, Tonda Riley to Dimitri Quafisi, Mary Quafisi, one lot, $390,000.


Jill Benham, Robert Jay Benham to Robert Jay Benham Trust, Robert Jay Benham, trustee, 90.807 acres, $0.


David Warfield, Matthew Warfield to Matthew Warfield, 10.615 acres, $136,000.

Brent Arnett, Sarah Arnett, Sarah Hartman to Brent Arnett, Sarah Arnett, $0.

Lindsay Gold to Joshua Gold, 12.014 acres, $0.

Sheryl Richards, Neil Strawser to Juliana Derksen, one lot, $321,000.


Gayle Voress, Andrew Wray, Gayle Wray to Wray Family Revocable Living Trust, 1.243 acre, $0.

Katharine Marker, Gregory McFadden to Gregory McFadden, 3.45 acres, $15,000.

Brianna McMillion, Justin McMillion to Donna Kitta, Peter Kitta, $50,000.


Kimberly Maniaci, co-trustee, Kimberly Pence, Richard Pence, co-trustee, Robert Pence Special Needs Trust to Douglas DeWeese Trust, Linda DeWeese Trust, $254,000.

Kimberly Maniaci, co-trustee, Kimberly Pence, Richard Pence, co-trustee, Robert Pence Special Needs Trust to Douglas DeWeese Trust, Linda DeWeese Trust, $508.


Dottie Potter, Rickie Potter to Dustin Penrod, 2.0 acres,$239,000.

Marla Elliott, Marla Kidder to Marla Elliott, Thomas Elliott, 0.475 acres, $0.

Rachel Carter, Shane Carter to Carter’s Complete Services, 0.706 acre, $0.


Estate of Lois Scheaffer to Carol Homan, F. Michael Scheaffer, $0.

Daniel Evans, Mindy Evans to Daniel Evans, co-trustee, Mindy Evans, co-trustee, Evans Family Revocable Living Trust, 10.521 acres, $0.

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