Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Craig Welsch, Kelly Welsch to Jenna Denlinger, Todd Denlinger, one lot, $260,000.

Timmerman Properties to Julie Timmerman, William Timmerman, $0.

Tonia Denney to Benjamin Keith, David Keith, one lot, $382,000.

Troy Land Development Inc., NVR Inc., $65,900.

Israel Adamson, Lydia Adamson to Israel Adamson, Lydia Adamson, $0.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Gary Nicholson, Patricia Nicholson, $277,300.

Gary Nicholson, Patricia Nicholson to Evan Freeh, one lot, $255,000.

Carrie Gomez, Cristopher Gomez to Phillip Imberi, Heather Prim, $251,400.

Up North Construction to Amber Dresbach, Austin Dresbach, one lot, $49,900.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Mary Carr, Todd Carr, one lot, $49,900.

Joyce Croft to Joyce Croft Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Mark Evans to Jeremiah Crawford, Nicole Crawford, one lot, $312,000.

P&C Ventures to Donald Lewis, Jenny Lewis, a part lot, $355,000.

Michala Harris, Tyler Harris to Daniel Striebich, a part lot, $125,500.

Bogle Investments to Brian McNutt, Julie McNutt, one lot, $264,000.

Sherry Howard, Timothy Howard to Hui Chen, Meijang Lin, one lot, $270,000.

Cynthia Robinson, Isaiah Robinson to Troy Christian Schools Inc., one lot, $150,000.

Ashley Renner, Phillip Renner to Alando Barnett, Kim Barnett, one lot, $243,000.

Sudoba Enterprise Ltd. to Weston Bayer, $210,000.


John Reedy to Jennifer Reedy, $0.

Kathryn Carpenter Revocable Living Trust, Frank Patrizio, trustee, to Kentucky Rhodes, one lot, $169,000.

Cortney Henry, Daniel Henry to Chad Baugh, Suzanne Baugh, $259,900.

Chad Baugh, Suzanne Baugh to Logan Johnson, Shelby Johnson, two lots, $145,000.

Warren Harden Jr. to 1416 Fairfax Avenue, $0.

Alisa Beanblossom to Kelli Evans, Michael Evans, $235,000.

Sullenberger Rentals to James Crago, one lot, $74,900.

Drapp Investments to B.E. Land Investments, two lots, $13,900.

Bridget Snapp, Ryan Snapp to Amy Zehender, Douglas Zehender Jr., one lot, $191,500.

Loretta Lee to Aaron Lee, $0.

Bryan Pena to Concepcion Vides, one lot, $0.


Brandley HOlloway and Fawn Holloway Joint Revocable Living Trust to Megan Coffield, Michael Coffield, $324,900.

Fieldstone Partners to Denlinger and Sons Builders, $72,000.

Christopher Robinson, James Robinson to Margaret Robinson, Christopher Robinson, $0.

Rick Partida to Chad Johnston, one lot, $105,000.

Michael Dinneen, Penny Dinneen to Breanne Holliman, one lot, $0.


Dilaram Bekirova, Binali Kuychiyev to Abiah Gill, Adeel Gill, $366,500.

Christopher Arms, Lisa Arms to Jason Goodspeed, Kimberly Goodspeed, two lots, $295,000.

Matthew Witt, Tara Witt to Joshua Scollo, Stacia Scollo, two lots, $335,000.

NVR Inc. to Abid Kasimov, Lola Kasimova, two lots, $273,200.

City of Huber Heights to Corridor Development Company, $0.

Melissa Daniel, Robert Daniel III to Robert Daniel III, two lots, $0.

David Mansell, Lisa Mansell to Dominque Inkrott, James Inkrott, two lots, $285,000.

NVR Inc. to Lindsay Wyburn, two lots, $306,200.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,800.


Florence Boltin, Michael Boltin, Mickey Boltin, Bradley Gordon, Eric Gordon, Rachel Gordon, Robert Gordon, Shawn Gordon, Brandon Trappe, Jennifer Trappe to Jim and Cara Smith LLC, a part lot, $75,000.


Kelli Brake, Kelli Evans, Michael Evans to Seth Guillozet, one lot, two part lots, $133,000.


Kim Cross, Doug Parsons, Lori Parsons to Charles Adams, Corinna Adams, two part lots, $105,000.

Kirk Robbins to Cynthia Robinson, Isaiah Robinson, a part lot, $120,000.


Alicia Knight, Levi Knight to Stacy Dodge, $145,000.

Marlene Hogle to Hale Sarver Funeral Home Inc., one lot, $60,000.

Jason Thiede, Summer Thiede to Taylor Bowers, Charles Gilliam, one lot, $161,000.


Gerald Neff Trust, Nancy Neff Trust to Mary Hubbard, 0.5 acre, $143,900.

John Rickert Jr. , Loura Rickert to Roger Ross, Sonja Ross, 0.837 acres, $195,700.

Jane Howes, Thomas Howes to Betty Lou Wilderman, Jack Wilderman, $365,500.


Alyshia Collins, Matthew Collins to Willow Rentals, $0.

Carla Farrell, Daniel Sturgill to Robert Farrell, Susan Farrell, 5.426 acres, $59,700.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kylie Alcorn, 0.705 acre, $0.

Raymond Eyler, trustee, Eyler Family Revocable Living Trust to Raymond Eyler, $0.

Tiffany Howett, Tiffany Robinson to Charles Robinson, 1.035 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to Megan O’Malley, Ryan O’Malley, one lot, $189,900.


Carol Myer, Timothy Meyer, Diana Wilhelm, Wade Wilhelm to Hard Times Farms, 41.712 acres, $320,400.

Brenda Coverstone to Hard Times Farms LLC, 41.712 acres, $0.


Hughes Development to Angela Slife, James Slife III, two lots, $305,000.

Douglas Kuhns, Monica Kuhns to Hilary Marnejon, Thomas Marnejon, $251,000.

Hope Nicely, William Nicely Jr. to Kyle Eilerman, Stephanie Eilerman, $395,000.


Andrew Angle, Patricia Angle to Andrew Angle, Patricia Angle, $0.

Jamie Sink, Rusty Sink to Sink Family Revocable LIving Trust, 3.040 acres, $0.

Edward Lyons, Raymond Lyons, Virginia Lyons, Rita Lyons Massie, Ronald Massie, Edna Trittschuh, Robert Trittschuh to Newberry Real Estate, $0.65a acre $125,000.


Douglas Bittorf, Amanda Lane to Brandon Garlough, 10.0115 acres, $267,500.

Estate of Joe Marker to Katherine Marker, Brady Schindel, Tyler Schindel, $0.


Ann Gambill to Kevin Thornton, Tammy Thornton, 1.435 acres, $215,000.

Ashley Thoreen, Kyle Thoreen to Kellin Ferguson, Lalka Ferguson, $244,900.


Carol Homan, Michael Homan, F. Michael Scheaffer, Pamala Scheaffer to Scheaffer 1849 LLC, $0.

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