Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Community Improvement Corp of Troy to John Scott, Patricia Scott, one lot, $205,000.

Maire Budd, Michael Budd to Joseph Armstrong, Sarah Armstrong, $116,000.

Joshua King, Schira King to Hunter Sever, three part lots, $188,000.

Tamara Baird Ganley, Allan Ganley to Ganley Family Irrevocable Trust, $0.

Four Sons Development to Daniellas Iles, Don Iles, a part lot, $275,000.

Barbara Rench, Jennifer Staas, attorney in fact to Keith Martin, Sharon Martin, one lot, $225,000.

Joseph Reilly to Kath Galbreath, Timothy Galbreath, one lot, $260,000.

Dawn Applegate to Jeffrey Ortlieb, Jessica Ortlieb, one lot, $89,900.

Julie Young, Steven Young to Rachel Leis, Steve Young, $0.

Harbor West Land Company to Aaron Wright, Molly Wright, one lot, $49,900.

3 Gen D LLC to Jacqueline Lehmkuhl, Steven Lehmkuhl, one lot, $85,900.

Lindsey Robinson to Stephan Bess, Sharlena Zavala-Singleton, $275,000.


Mallorie Brinkman, Brian Heggs, Mallorie Heggs, Mark Safreed to Greggory Street, Mary Street, $333,000.

Estate of Charles Vosler, David Vosler, executor to Ryan Vosler, $132,000.

Elaine Brown, Paul Brown to Kaitlyn Hill, Tyler Hill, $255,000.

Henry Ernst Jr., Kelie Ernst to Howard Oaks, one lot, $168,000.

Kaitlyn Hill, Tyler Hill to Kyle Sierecki, one lot, $150,000.

Rubber Duck Inc. to Patrick Schroeder, Roberta Schroeder, $0.

Deborah Voight, John Voight, Jamie Walton to Kevin French, Veronica French, $287,500.

Courtney Skinner, Daniel Skinner to Courtney Skinner, Daniel Skinner, $0.

Marilyn Hoban to Melissa Kool, Ruth Kool, one lot, $0.

John Baumann III, executor, Estate of Ruth Baumann and K&T Renovations, $120,000.

Fracine Kohler-Szachta, Thomas Szachta to Jordan Szachta, one lot, $67,000.

Keith Langston, Mary Langston to Cynthia Wagner, one lot, $110,000.

Suzanne ROller, Suzanne Shiverdecker to DS Smith Properties, $0.

DS Smith Properties to Carolyn Lemley, Joshua Lemley, a part lot, $145,000.


David Copfer to Tonya Copfer, one lot, $0.

April Group, Shaun Group to Jordan Stum, Kathleen Stum, one lot, one part lot, $360,000.

Bryce Deweese, Kelsey Deweese to Amanda Cerda, Christopher Cerda, one lot, $290,000.

Fieldstone Partners to Denlinger and Sons Builders, $72,000.


Brittanie Jolly, Jalen Jolly to Cesar Mora, Sarah Mora, two lots, $333,000.

Dilyara Kuychiyev, Ruslan Kuychiyev to Islam Kuychiyev, two lots, $450,000.

Terri Patton, Timothy Patton to Timothy and Terri Patton Living Trust, two lots, $0.

Donald Barry, Pamela Barry to Jessica Miano, Nicholas Miano, two lots, $263,000.

Michael Federinko to Samuel Childs, Swaetha Jebackumar, two lots, $240,000.

Heather Kemper, Matthew Kemper to Christopher Knief, Victoria Knief, two lots, $401, 500.

Corridor Development Company to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,000.

NVR Inc. to Eileen Darden, Michael Darden Sr., two lots, $340,000.


Silver Stone Properties-Oakwood LLC to Hunter Young, two lots, $118,700.


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to John Grill, $0.


Estate of Darlene Brewer, Denice Walker, executor to Norita Kittle, Rodger, a part lot, $165,000.

Batten and Van Horn Properties to Debra Van Horn, Steven Van Horn, one lot, $0.


Prather Holdings to Kay Arndts, 1.760 acres, $290,000.


Brenda Scmiedebsuch, Jon Scmiedebusch to Melissa Highley, Toby Highley, 7.1 acres, $806,000.

Leigh Agne to Joshua Estepp, $85,000.

Monnin Properties to Redeemer Properties, 1.641 acre, $337,500.

Dayton Door Sales Inc. to Redeemer Properties, 1.641 acres, $0.


Heather Cudd, Stephen Cudd to Bryan Fine, Lindsey Robinson, $317,500.


Janet McGeorge to Elizabeth Bacon, Jeffrey Bacon, $280,000.

Hughes Development Company to Hughes Development Company $0.


Harold Kanniard Jr., an attorney in fact, Mary Kanniard to Harold Kanniard, Jennifer Kanniard, 4.74 acres, $115,000.


Leanna Kreusch, Kevin Mclaughlin to Keith Ingram, 0.66 acres, $79,400.

Richard Pence, Tamara Pence to James Moorman, Tricia Stewart, 10.01 acres, $160,000.


Andrew McMullen, Jessie McMullen to Daniel Hart, Pamela Hart, 6.473 acres, $80,000.

Raymond Moorman to Michael Grunloh, Rachel Grunloh, 0.727 acre, $36,500.


Estate of Donald Jenkins, Kim Feeny, executrix to Darla Baker, Jeffery Baker, 0.909 acres, $255,000. .

Forrest Cope, Gail Cope to Dianne Spencer, Jamie Spencer, 10.225 acres, $475,000.

Debra Hurst Isbel to Debbie Isbel Trust agreement, 0.932 acres, $0.

Gretchen Vice to Gretchen Vice, Kenneth Wheelock, 17.305 acres, $0.

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