Miami County real estate transactions



• Darrin M. Cascaden and Gay L. Cascaden to Melissa K. Newell and Michel R. Newell, one lot, $329,900.

• Alan M. Kappers and Deborah A. Kappers to BK Family Investments, LLC, three lots, $160,000.

• Kristen Leistner and Martin Leistner to Justin F. Cetnoe and Lori M. Shanesy, one lot, $215,000.

• Bruce Jenkins and Karen Jenkins to Chelsea Brown and Nathan C. Brown, one lot, $176,000.

• Estate of Traci Lynn Wright Sizemore and Brittany Wright, administrator, to Richard M. Sowden, one lot, $120,000.

• 3 Gen D LLC to Denlinger & Sons Builders, LTD, one lot, $79,900.

• Kenneth L. Schaefer and Sandra E. Schaefer to Kenneth L. Schaefer and Sandra E. Schaefer revocable trust; Kenneth L. Schaefer, co-trustee; and Sandra E. Schaefer, co-trustee, two lots, $0.

• NVR, Inc. to Cindia F. Cyr and Lance B. Cyr., one lot, $417,800.

• Halifax Land Company, LLC to Matthew D. Shiverdecker and Miranda L. Shiverdecker, one lot, $109,900.

• Arnold E. Clendenen revocable living trust and Emma Louise Clendenen, trustee, to Plum Street LLC, one lot, $220,000.

• Bauer Foods LLC to Harman Management Corporation, one lot, $1,310,000.

• Courtney M. James to Jordan A. James, one lot, $0.

• Estate of Mark A. Harger to Candace F. Harger and Leah Harger, one lot, $0.

• Estate of Janet Ann Mizer to Amber Clemons, FKA, Christy Hare, Amber Moore, and Christopher Rogers, one lot, $0.

• 22 N. Short Street LLC to Friends of the Hayner, Inc., one lot, $300,000.

• Veros LLC to Evil Empire LLC, one lot, $750,000.

Sharon L. Mangen, FKA, Jeffrey Reynolds, and Sharon L. Reynolds to Heather L. Goins, one lot, $185,000.

• Estate of Michael A. Higgins to Joan Higgins, one lot, $0.

• Jeffrey O. Coate to D’aun M. Coate, one lot, $0.


• Jamie Fletcher and Trey A. Fletcher to Dylan Michael Heckman, two lots, $105,000.

• Allan A. Bondurant and Erna L. Bondurant to BK Family Investments, LLC, two lots, $37,000.

• Derek Ropp to Javier Bustamante and Francisco J. Pantoja Rivera, two lots, $128,000.

• Cora J. Knapke and Jeremy J. Knapke to Laura S. Howard, one lot, $56,000.

• Marna Ella Finnerty and Donna J. Taylor to Kimberly A. Wagner and Timothy P. Wagner, one lot, $42,500.

• Joseph Denman, successor trustee, and Patricia A. Smith, revocable living trust, to Uri Carrillo, two lots, $87,000.

• Bauer Foods LLC to Harman Management Corporation, one lot, $670,000.

• Mark Miller and Rosalie Schubert Miller to Johnathon R. Goings, one lot, $102,000.

• Brandon Martin to Venture Real Estate Group LLC, one lot, $40,000.

• Estate of James T. Bridges to Mary A. Bridges, one lot, $0.

• Kory Bryant to Bruns Construction Enterprises, Inc. and RCS Construction, DBA, one lot, $35,000.

• J&D Investments LLC to Jan Pearce, three lots, $35,500.

• Jennifer F. Coppess to Jennifer F. Coppess and Monty Joe Coppess, one lot, $0.

• Carin Sherry and Michael I. Sherry to Chad Bresch and Samantha M. Hurst, one lot, $65,900.

Tipp City

• Betty M. Beery, irrevocable trust, and David W. Beery, trustee, to Kevin Brackman and Victoria Brackman, one lot, $300,000.

• Frank A. McQuarry and Laurie G. McQuarry to Brittany Falkowski and Christopher J. Falkowski, one lot, $350,000.

• Joseph M. Fischer to Joseph M. Fischer and Olivia M. Horn, one lot, $0.

• Staci Shirley to Eric Shirley, one lot, $0.

• Fieldstone Partners LLC to Stacia Ann Shirley, one lot, $72,000.

• Joseph D. Besecker to Katelyn Nicole Lyme and Kevin Lyme, one lot, $199,000.

• NVR, Inc. to Rachael Sutter and Ryan Sutter, one lot, $377,000.

• Michelle R. Bridges, FKA, James Patrick Cain, and Michelle R. Cain to Brandy N. Walter and Justin A. Walter, one lot, $244,300.

West Milton

• Julie J. Siler, FKA, Frederick Woods, and Julie J. Woods to Jordan Romie and Tyler Romie, one lot, $142,500.

• Craig A. Johnson, Janis Johnson, and Jeffrey A. Johnson to Carol S. Johnson, one lot, $0.

• Carol A. Johnson to Rita J. Michael and Robert J. Michael, one lot, $7,000.

Huber Heights

• D.R. Horton-Indiana, LLC, to Cara McClure and Gordon Michael McClure, one lot, $379,1000.

• NVR, Inc., to Kadirali Aslanov, one lot, $290,500.


• Loretta L. Null to Angelia Marie Harrington and Thomas E. Harrington, one lot, $174,000.

• Abban Charles, Sr. and Regina Nyanfaku to Steven R. Storms, three lots, $65,000.

Monroe Township

• Adam Therrien and Taeko Therrien to Brunilda Velez, one lot, $210,000.

• North Branch Land Company, LLC to Perry L. Andrade and Shirley A. Vandyke, one lot, $319,900.

• Kimberly Ann Royse and Paul R. Royse to Charles David Strawser, 0.643 acres, $152,500.

• Heidi C. Davis and Michael S. Davis to Heidi C. Davis and Michael S. Davis, one lot, $0.

Lostcreek Township

• Christopher A. Reynolds and Sandra L. Reynolds to Kenna M. Barton-Rose and Chad A. Seagraves, II, one lot, $165,000.

Bethel Township

• Estate of Robert E. Bush to Linda L. Bush, one lot, $0.

• Amy S. Goodman and Anthony D. Goodman to Laura A. Laugle and Thomas J. Laugle, 10.248 acres, $253,000.

Elizabeth Township

• Gerald W. Brooks and Lisa Marie Brooks to Julie A. Knisely and Michael A. Knisely, 10.0029 acres, $630,000.

• Christopher C. Goin, Heather L. Goin, Bethany F. Normile, and Russell C. Normile to Michael S. Green and Shelby R. Green, 0.54 acres, $145,000.

Brown Township

• Jerry Filbrun, trust, and Leah J. Filbrun, successor trustee, to Leah J. Filbrun, 36.71 acres, $0.

• Jerry Filbrun, trust, and Leah J. Filbrun, successor trustee, to Leah J. Filbrun, 46.4956 acres, 25.9165 acres, 27.5 acres, and 6.458 acres $0.

Staunton Township

• Kenneth L. Schaefer and Sandra E. Schaefer to Kenneth L. Schaefer and Sandra E. Schaefer, 1.111 acres, $0.

Springcreek Township

• Louise I. Cromes, declaration of trust, and Paul R. Cromes, successor of trustee, to Delbert W. Cromes, 5.774 acres, $0.

Newton Township

• Carolyn J. Hoblit, trustee, and Hoblit Family join living truste, to Jeremy Magoto and Riki M. Magoto, 5.146 acres, $180,000.

Concord Township

• Benjamin Drake to Lisa J. Drake, one lot, $0.

• Jennifer R. Daniel and Steven Michael Daniel to Kevin Daniel and Laura Daniel, one lot, $295,000.

Union Township

• Janice L. Barga to Michele Marvin and Phillip Marvin, 1.0039 acres and 0.2217 acres, $175,000.

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