Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Brenda Deal, Jerold Deal to Matt Shanley, one lot, $35,000.

Bridgit Kerber, Steven Kerber to Anthony Addison, two part lots, $110,000.

NVR Inc. to Beth Jones, Phillip Jones, one lot, $343,000.

Alan Duling, Barbara Duling to Ricky Green, one lot, $100,000.

Jeanette Fletcher, Timothy Fletcher to Cy A. Pierquet Revocable Trust, Cyril Pierquet, one lot, $157,000.

Beverly Jergens, James Jergens to Brittany Byrd, Jason Byrd, one lot, $260,000.

County Corp. to TDK Investment, two part lots, $0.

Brittany Lofton, Dustin Lofton to Rob Dickerson, one lot, $185,000.

Jordan Romberger, Rebekah Romberger to Westhouse, one lot, $0.

3 Gen D to Jodi Hemmelgarn, Thomas Hemmelgarn, one lot, $95,900.

S.M. O’Neal Construction to Emily Wells, Jonathan Wells, one lot, $287,000.


Estate of John Caulfield, John Caulfield Jr., executor to John Douglas, Teresa Douglas, one lot, $70,000.

Bethany Curtis to Nicholas Curtis, three part lots, $0.

Russell Harden, Warren Harden Jr. to Warren Harden Jr., one lot, $0.

Citimortgage Inc. to Diana Hall, a part lot, $38,300.

SN Servicing Corp., attorney in fact, WR Asset Trust to Paul Webster, one part lot, two lots, $15,000.

Eleanor Ely to Eleanor Ely Irrevocable Trust, Roger Ely, trustee, one lot, $0.


Fieldstone Partners to Miami County Home Builders Foundation, one lot, $70,000.

Jesse Wilson, Molly Wilson to Joshua Peters, Natasha Peters, one lot, $260,000.

NVR Inc. to Daniel Gilleland, Deborah Gilleland, one lot, $361,700.


Erin Sargent, Timothy Sargent to Cynthia Williams, Rodney Williams, one lot, $14,900.

Marjorie Campbell to Dallas Weldy, Martha Weldy, three part lots, $6,000.

Adrain Mead, Charles Mead, Phyllis Mead, Rhonda Mead, Terry Mead, Gerald Rosengarten, Regina Rosengarten to Dallas Weldy, Martha Weldy, two part lots, $20,000.


Mary Newbauer to Mary Newbauer Revocable Living Trust, $0.


Browntown 1 LLC to Carriage Trails at the Heights, three lots, two part lots, $329,300.

Inverness Group Inc. to Norma Jean Morgan Dickens, two lots, $335,900.


Gregory Ballard, Megahn Ballard to Gregory Ballard, a part lot, $44,900.


Estate of Ruth Koester to Linda Blauser, Karen Conyers, David Koester, John Koester, William Koester, two lots, $0.

Peggy Case to James Hoagland, Nicola Hoagland, one lot, $175,000.

Theresa Herberling to Paul Heberling, Sandra Heberling, Francille Morford, Jeffery Morford, 5.470 acres, $53,400.

Studebaker Properties Ltd. to Barbara Bailey, trustee, Larry Ewald, Sonia Ewald, Jane Studebaker 1989 Trust, 2.202 acres, $0.

Roger Denlinger, successor, Ulysses and Florence Denlinger Joint Revocable Trust, Wayne Denlinger, successor co-trustee to Kurt Masser, Paula Masser, 0.338 acres, $9,600.


Edward Phillips, Larrissa Phillips to Brian Laughman, $128,000.

Rhonda Beckman to Justin Sandberg, Vanessa Sandberg, 5.001 acres, $85,700.

Gerald Worthington, Jane Worthington to Justin Sandberg, Vanessa Sandberg, 5.001 acres, $0.


Estate of Mary Horen to Eldon Horen, two lots, $0.

Justin Ingram, Samantha Ingram to Angela Ashburn, 5.021 acres, $145,000.

Jacob Grissom, Tia Grissom to Raquel Brant, Jay Canan, 1.0 acres, $157,000.


Kathy Schaurer, Kenneth Schaurer to Kathy Schaurer, Kenneth Schaurer, $0.


Michael Alf, trustee to Hohman Farms, $0.


Martin Stewart, Nancy Stewart to Kenneth Furlong Jr., one lot, $148,000.

Randy Herron to Mark Fortner, Tiffany Harper, one lot, $209,000.

Franz Darst, Patricia Darst to Daniel Darst, Morgan Darst, $70,000.

Judith Davis, Harry McCutcheon, Rebecca McCutcheon, Jeffrey Pour, Eugene Zollman to Brian Francis, Nikki Francis, 79.137 acres, $671,500.


Estate of Gary McDermid, James Kordik, administrator to Cincinnati Capital Partners, a part lot, $106,000.


Hannah Havenar, Ryan Havenar to Shane Richardson, one lot, $120,400.

John Hoffman, Rebecca Hoffman to Christopher Hoffman, 0.979 acres, $0.

Kathy Schaurer, Kenneth Schaurer to Kathy Schaurer, Kenneth Schaurer, 20.606 acres, 122.061 acres, $0.

Allan Morrow, Pamela Morrow to Allan Morrow, Pamela Morrow, 20.840 acres, 64.696 acres, $0.

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