Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Andrew Runyan, Patricia Runyan to Anthony Durham, Melody Durham, one lot, $247,000.

Alvin David, Grace David to Brady Wilson, Sena Wilson, one lot, $115,000.

Harbor West Land Company to Up North Construction, four lots, $199,600.

Barbara Griffith, Sandra Woolard to Malcolm Smoot, Sheryl Smoot, one lot, $112,000.

Conrex Residential SMA I to Conrex Residential SMA, one lot, $135,500.

3 Gen D LLC to Julie Dillard, one lot, $92,900.

3 Gen D LLC to Janice Neitzke, Robert Neitzke, one lot, $74,900.

Erin Perilman, Jeffrey Perilman to Brian Hilliard, Tiffany Hilliard, one lot, $280,000.

David Pappas, Rebecca Pappas to David Pappas, $0.

Estate of Kimberly Erwin to Matthew Erwin, one lot, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to Martin McGillivary, Tammy McGillivary, two lots, $170,800.

Michael Anticoli Properties to 2 N. Market LLC, two part lots, $595,000.

Michael Westfalll to Michael Westfall, Tamara Westfall, one lot, $0.

Halifax Land Company LLC to Ray Kiser, Raysun Investments, one lot, $49,900.

Halifax Land Company to Raysun Investments, $51,900.

Halifax Land Company to Raysun Investments, one lot, $49,900.

Amy Targett, Nathan Targett to Phyllis Targett, one lot, $0.

Debra Flynn, Alan Schusseim to Jorge Guierrez, Fabiola Maldonado, one lot, $248,000.

Lori Albright to Jack Doseck, a part lot, $15,000.


Everett Cromwell to Daryl Cromwell, Richard Cromwell, Juanita Schoenmann, one lot, $0.

Ben Holtvogt, Jodi Holtvogt to Patrick Roegner, $77,000.

Paleje South Holdings to Dawn Poe, a part lot, $34,500.

Angela Smith, Christopher Smith to Nolan Maurer, one lot, $36,500.

Amanda Palmer, Jonathan Palmer to Kristen Magoteaux, Whitney Magoteaux, one lot, $110,000.

Erica Ernst Trust to Ruben Martinez Sr., one lot, $225,000.

American Land Investments Ltd. to Richard Bodenmiller, Tina Love Bodenmiller, one lot, $139,000.

Lyvonne Ward to Deborah Harris, $49,900.

Marcia Baker, successor co-trustee, Mary Lou Havenar Declaration of Trust, Michael Havenar, successor co-trustee to Judy King, one lot, $0.

Terry Stamper to Upper Valley Career Center, four lots, $20,000.

Angela Wale, Daniel Wale to Angela Doringo, Jesus Doringo, one lot, $90,000.

Leonor Dy, Rudy Dy to Mark Richard, Peggi Richard, $60,000.


Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV, two lots, $63,900.

Eric Natalicio, Jenny Natalicio to Daniel Masinjila, Nadezda Masinjila, two lots, $234,000.


Sonya Lyons to Catresa Bourelle, one lot, one part lot, $225,000.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc. to John Darrah, Karyl Darrah, one lot, $70,000.

Fieldstone Partners to Denlinger and Sons Builders Ltd., one lot, $70,000.

A. Paul Archer, Betty Jo Archer to Midtowne Centre Limited, one lot, one part lot, $124,000.

Rosewood Creek to Denlinger and Sons Builders, two lots, $135,800.

Denlinger and Sons Builders to Marjorie Steinke, Paul Steinke, one lot, $368,000.


Jordon Maham, Sara Maham to Jordan Maham, Sara Maham, two part lots, $0.

Estate of David Rhoades to Karen Rhoades, two part lots, $0.


Richard Rolf to Richard Rolf, Theresa Rolf, one lot, $90,000.


Brenenborg to R & A Holding Company, one lot, $20,000.


Lisa Kenworthy to Lisa Kenworthy, Mitchell Riegle, $59,400.


Shannon Varvel, Todd Varvel to Brandy Jones, Robert Jones, $1,350,000.


NVR Inc. to Charles Roseberry, Iris Roseberry, one lot, $325,000.

Charles Edge and Lois Edge Trust George Edge, trustee to Blair Group Land Company, 4.210 acres, $185,000.


Carolyn Dickert, successor trustee, Kosier Family Trust to Bradley Renner, Rachel Renner, 1.420 acres, $80,000.

Pleasant Hill Fish and Game Protective Association to Stanley Shellabarger and Evelyn Shellabarger Trust, Jennifer Shellabarger, Zane Shellabarger, 10.073 acres, $70,000.

Byron Jackson Trust, Clyde Jackson Trust, Deron Jackson, successor trustee, Carol Jackson to Cody Jackson, Kierstin Jackson, 1.641 acres, $150,000.


Deborah Harris to Jilly Mae Haines, Michael Haines, Paul Haines, 1.404 acres, $134,000.

Nicole Joyce, Michael Murphy, Nichole Murphy to Amanda Palmer, Jonathan Palmer, $206,000.


Lawrence Wooddell to Jiraporn Wooddell, Mark Wooddell, 1.042 acres, $130,000.


Cynthia Crosby, Mark Crosby to Amy Morrow, Greg Morrow, 0.949 acres, $154,000.

Bruce Anderson, David Anderson, Diane Anderson, Marie Anderson to Anderson Hess Farm, 40.563 acres, $0.

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