Miami County restaurant inspections


Information provided by Miami County Public Health.

Jan. 26

• Bliss Nutrition, 1510 W. Main St., Troy: Standard Inspection.

No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Comments: No violations observed at time of inspection.

Jan. 27

• Golden Bowl, 15 S. Weston Rd., Troy: Follow-Up Inspection.

Repeat: Hot and cold holding equipment thermometer was missing, located incorrectly, or not easily readable. Obtain thin tip thermometers that are functional to properly test the internal temperatures of TCS foods.

Repeat: Unnecessary or nonfunctional items and /or litter on premises. In the side storage room area, unnecessary items and pieces of non-functional equipment were observed. Remove to reduce clutter from the premises and to promote adequate cleaning of the facilities.

Repeat: Floor and wall junctures not properly coved or closed. The stainless paneling behind the grill/wok line as well as the paneling in the 3-bay sink area observed loose and needing sealed between the panels to ensure closed and tight-fitting. Seal the loose paneling with 100% silicone caulking or something similar.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection:

Cleanliness of equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. On the inside of the ice machine near the chute, a slight mold presence was observed. Clean and sanitize and provide photos to prove correction.

Comments: The ice machine has been cleaned and sanitized.

• Sam & Ethels Restaurant, 120 E. Main St., Tipp City: Follow-Up Inspection.

Repeat: Non-food contact surface(s) not cleaned at the required frequency. Non-food contact of equipment throughout the facility were observed with food debris and residue build-up.

Repeat: Facility not maintained clean. The floors and walls throughout were observed with built up food debris, dirt, other residues. Enhance the frequency of cleaning throughout to prevent these sort of accumulations.

Repeat: Physical facilities not maintained in good repair. Broken floor tiles and coving observed throughout the facility.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection:

PIC: Demonstration of Knowledge – No Critical Violations: Person-in-charge (PIC) unable to demonstrate knowledge by having no critical violations. Multiple critical violations observed by inspectors at the time of inspection.

Cleanliness of equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. The following food contact surfaces were observed with residue-like or food debris build-up: 1. The interior of the facility ice machine 2. The meat/cheese slicer 3. The meat tenderizer 4. Food utensils in use on the grill line.

In-use utensils-between-use storage: In-use utensils improperly stored. Observed utensils in use being stored above the frying station on dirty, soiled linens. Store utensils in use on a clean, dry location that is able to be easily and effectively cleaned and sanitized.

Comments: The ice machine had been cleaned and sanitized. Ensure this unit is cleaned per manufacturer’s specifications or as frequently as needed to preclude accumulations or build-ups.

The meat tenderizer had been cleaned and sanitized.

At the re-inspection, the food slicer was still observed with food debris build-up and it had not yet been used that day according to PIC. At this time, the food slicer was completely taken a part to again be cleaned and sanitized.

The cleaning was better but room for improvements still remain. Continue to deep clean frequently to prevent build-ups especially in the harder to reach locations.

• El Sombrero, 1700 N. Co. Rd. 25A, Troy: Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection.

Corrected during inspection; critical: PIC unable to demonstrate knowledge by having no critical violations. Discussed the proper food safety procedures with PIC to mitigate future critical violations.

Corrected during inspection; critical; repeat: Food not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. Observed the following: 1. Raw chicken stored above steak in the cooler next to the grill line 2. Eggs above ready-to-eat food in the basement walk-in cooler After informing the PIC, both the chicken and eggs were properly stored.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Hot water for mechanical sanitization is below required temperature. Observed the dish machine not reaching the required temperature for adequate sanitization. After informing the PIC, they scheduled a service for the dish machine and stated they would use the 3-bay sink until fixed.

Corrected during inspection; critical; repeat: Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, TCS foods not properly date marked. Observed multiple food products such as cooked steak and various sauces in the back of house cooler not properly date marked after being pulled from the freezer. After informing the PIC, the food products were properly date marked.

Repeat: Unapproved pesticide being used. Observed hot shot insecticide spray on the premises.

Linens used inappropriately. Observed an apron being used to cover food in the basement cooler.

Repeat: In-use utensils improperly stored. Scoops without handles were observed inside salsa containers in the reach-in cooler on the server side of the back of house.

Repeat: Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are unclean. Observed the following: 1. Reach in coolers under the prep line with excessive food debris on the bottom and sides 2. Back of house fridge next to the grill line with food residue build-up on the bottom Ensure that all equipment in the facility undergoes regular cleaning intervals.

Facility not maintained clean. Observed dust, dirt, grime, and food residue accumulations throughout the facility. Ensure a cleaning frequency adequate enough to preclude excessive build-up of dirt and food residue.

Comments: At the time of inspection there were several food items improperly date marked. Ensure proper date marking so that it is clear when frozen foods have been pulled to thaw.

Also observed during inspection was improper storage of raw product. Chicken should always be on the bottom, followed by beef, and then fish on top.

• Mrs. B’s Catering LLC, 101 N. Main St., Pleasant Hill: Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection.

Employee food and beverage items stored co-mingled with food for use within the food service operation. Designate and segreate employee items away from and/or below food for sale to protect against contamination of food products.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution at incorrect temperature, concentration, and/or water hardness. The dish machine was observed and tested to be dispensing sanitizer at 0 ppm. The PIC will contact GFS to have to dish machine re-calibrated and will use the 3-compartment sink to wash, rinse, and sanitize food contact surfaces until the issue with the dish machine has been addressed.

Corrected during inspection; critical; repeat: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. The food slicer was observed with food debris build-up on the backside of the blade. Upon informing the PIC, the process of cleaning and sanitizing the food slicer was started.

Corrected during inspection: Equipment not approved by a recognized testing agency. Unapproved food vacuum packer was observed on a storage shelf above the side entry way door. The PIC stated this equipment has not been used. Upon informing the PIC, the equipment was voluntarily removed from the premises.

Fixed equipment not properly sealed or spaced for cleaning. The food preparation sink was observed no longer sealed to the wall or adjacent hand sink’s splash guard. Reseal so tight, sealed and to ensure proper cleanability.

Repeat: Physical facilities not maintained in good repair. The flooring in front of the 3-bay dish area is cracked and in disrepair.

Comments: Facility was observed well maintained at the time of inspection.

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