Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports


Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Jan. 13

CONCEALED DRUGS: A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation at Farrington and County Road 25-A, Concord Twp. The driver, Molly Griffith, was found to have an active warrant out of Miami County. The warrant was for failure to appear on a traffic charge. She was transported to the Miami County Jail. A foreign object was observed inside a body cavity when placed through the body scanner. She advised it was methamphetamine placed inside a black cap. The suspected drugs will be sent to the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab for analysis. Charges pending test results.

Jan. 14

BAD CHECK: A deputy responded to Brandt Self Storage on the report of a bad check. This case is pending.

DRUGS: A deputy was dispatched to 4295 Lisa Drive (Howard Truck Repair) on a report of found drugs. The drugs were collected and booked into evidence. No charges were filed.

Jan. 15

VEHICULAR HOMICIDE: MCSO filed a charge of second-degree vehicular manslaughter against Gary Sandison, 62, of Troy. The fatal accident killed one subject, Russell Heintz, 69, of Covington. The accident occurred in the 9000 block of Klinger Road, Covington, on Sept. 24. According to the report, Sandison was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol nor distracted during the incident. According to the report, Sandison was traveling in the opposite direction as Heintz when he went left of center, striking Heintz’s vehicle.

TRESPASSING: A deputy was dispatched in reference to a trespassing complaint in the 7700 block of East State Route 41, in Elizabeth Twp. Upon further investigation, an unidentified white male was on the reporting party’s property on Jan. 14.

ASSAULT: A deputy responded to the 9000 block of Spiker Road, Washington Twp., on a report of assault in progress. The suspect then left the scene. They were later detained by Covington Police Department. After further investigation, Caitlin Spears was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault.

TIRES STOLEN: A deputy responded to Joe Johnson’s in reference to four tires that were stolen from a truck that was parked behind their lot. The truck had been left on blocks. Case pending.

BURGLARY: A deputy was dispatched to the 6200 block of Karns Road, Union Twp., on a passed occurred burglary. This case is pending further investigation.

Jan. 16

SCAM: A deputy responded a Bethel Twp. address for a theft complaint. In speaking with the complainant, a random person called the house phone and said, “thanks for the $9,700,” then hung up. There is no evidence that any money is missing, but the complainant still wished to file a report.

Jan. 17

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: A deputy was dispatched to the 5700 block of West State Route 55, Ludlow Falls, on a loud noise complaint. After further investigation it was discovered that the homeowner was burning multiple things in a barrel behind his home. The homeowner appeared to have thrown aerosol cans into the fire causing a very loud noise that was heard by surrounding neighbors. The homeowner, Jerry Whitten, 51, was charged with one count of disorderly conduct.

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