Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports


Information filed by Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

April 10

TRESPASSING: A deputy was dispatched to Arbogast Ford reference a male refusing to leave. Richard Haney was inside the dealership showroom being loud and vulgar about a vehicle he purchased over a year ago. He was asked to leave and eventually did. It was requested that Richard be formally trespassed from the business. The deputy called Mr. Haney to advise him and left a message advising him not to return to Arbogast Ford.

GUNSHOT WOUND: A deputy was dispatched to UVMC for an elderly man who accidentally shot himself through the finger. The man stated he was working the action on one of his antique guns that he bought from Peru due to the action being stiff. However, he didn’t realize there was a round in the chamber when it went off. The man called his daughter, Jennifer who is an ER nurse at the hospital for her to transport him. There were no suspicious indications in this matter other than an oversight.

April 12

MAILBOX SMASHED: A deputy responded to a criminal damaging complaint in the 5000 block of Wheelock Road, Union Twp. The reporting advised an unknown subject damaged his mailbox by hitting it with a baseball bat. He asked the incident be documented in case of future incidents.

FRAUD: A deputy responded to the village of Laura at a business for a fraud complaint. The reporting party advised they had received an email from one of their employees asking to change their direct deposit to a different account. After further investigation, it was found the employee had never sent the emails and $1,358.27 was claimed to have been sent to an unknown account.

ANIMAL ISSUE: A deputy dispatched on an animal abuse complaint in the 2000 block of Dayton-Brandt, Elizabeth Twp. The reporting party said she observed a horse at this location that had hooves that were overgrown. The deputy investigated the matter and did make contact with the owner of the horse and was assured by the owner that the horse’s hooves would be trimmed, today. This matter is pending.

CAN MAN: A deputy was dispatched to the 7000 block of Troy-Urbana Road, Lostcreek Twp. around midnight in reference to a suspicious male walking the ditch line using a flashlight. After further investigation, the male advised he was recycling aluminum cans. He had a large trash bag on his person with crushed cans inside. He also had several trash bags in his vehicle with crushed cans inside.

April 13

FRAUD: A deputy was dispatched on a fraud complaint in Bradford. The deputy called the reporting party and was told her live-in boyfriend was defrauded of $2,600 from multiple eBay gift cards. The reporting party advised that she had called eBay about the transaction and they informed her that there was nothing that they could do.

April 14

POSSESSION: A deputy initiated a traffic stop on the listed vehicle due to the registered owner being suspended through the state of Ohio. The passenger was found to have an active warrant out of Shelby County for a probation violation. During the stop, the passenger ingested suspected drugs and was showing signs of an overdose. The squad responded and transported the male to UVMC. He was later cleared and handed over to Shelby County deputies. The driver was subsequently charged with OVI. A yellow powdery substance was located in his wallet. He advised it was mushrooms in powder form. The suspected drugs will be sent to the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab for further testing. The driver was charged with OVI, DUS and open container. The passenger was charged with open container.

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