No injuries in crash involving Troy medic


TROY — No one was injured in a crash involving a Troy medic unit and a car at the intersection of North Market Street and West Market Street around 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Troy police officials said that Troy Medic 2 was traveling east on West Market Street, on their way to a call when a car driven by Austin Good, of Troy, turned off of Grant Street, impacting the medic unit.

Good’s car almost immediately caught fire. Good baled out of his burning car, which continued to move east on West Market Street through the intersection of West Market, South Market, and East West Street before going over a sidewalk and into a building on the southeast corner of the intersection.

The two paramedics in Medic 2 immediately used a fire extinguisher that was on board the medic unit to attempt to put out the flames. A Troy engine arrived on the scene and extinguished the flames before damage to could be caused to the structure.

There were no injuries in the crash.

Troy police are not issuing any traffic citations at this time as it is known that the medic unit was traveling with both lights and siren but there are conflicting reports as to which vehicle had the green light at West Market and Grant Street.

Troy police are investigating the crash.

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