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TROY — The city of Troy’s Mayor Robin Oda has issued a proclamation on declaring a State of Emergency in the city of Troy to ensure the city is prepared to act quickly in regard to the COVID-19 issue on Tuesday.

“This proclamation does not change anything in the current city operations,” Mayor Oda stated in a press release. “As of now, City Hall is open and our high-quality city services will continue. Out of concern for the health and welfare of our citizens, I would not want any delay in the city being able to respond where appropriate. I continue to encourage Troy residents to heed the advice of the Ohio Department of Health and other emergency officials regarding this public health emergency in order to protect their health and safety.”

Following council business on Monday, Oda said, “This past week, this past weekend, and this past day have been rough on the city’s residents. We are in uncharted territory and we are all feeling the uncertainty and everything right now. Things are changing daily and sometimes more than that. My goal is to keep City Hall open and the city running. If we are advised or told to do otherwise, then we will consider our options at that time.”

Oda said she was concerned for Troy businesses and restaurants and hoped residents would continue to support them over the next few weeks.

Oda also asked residents to refrain from stockpiling supplies.

“If we shop as we normally would, stores will be able to maintain and everyone will be able to get what they need as it is needed, but it will take everyone letting go of the panic and just living normally,” she said. “We are taking our cues from the state and the Miami County Health Department. We are constantly monitoring the situation as it evolves.”

Oda said the city would provide updates throughout the public health emergency and encouraged residents to “find your new normals.”

“Please be calm as you find your new normals. This may last awhile or it may not. Be kind to each other, help your neighbors, check in on those around you. Remember, we are a community and that’s what we do,” she said.

Issues state of emergency proclamation

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