OIU reminds the public of alcohol violations ahead of the holiday season


COLUMBUS – The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, however, it can also be a dangerous time due to increased bar attendance. In order to help ensure a happy and safe holiday season, the Ohio Investigative Unit is reminding everyone of liquor laws that have been put in place to keep people safe.

It is important for both businesses and patrons alike to be familiar with the laws regarding alcohol sales and consumption. Following these laws is a simple way to encourage safety over the next couple of months:

Underage sales, possession and consumption:

• It is illegal to share in the cost of buying alcohol for anyone underage.

• Anyone can be charged with furnishing alcohol to an underaged person, even someone under 21 years old.

Liquor permit premises:

• No matter if you own or just work at a bar, restaurant or carryout, Ohio law prohibits anyone from consuming alcohol on the premises after hours.

• Servers can be charged if they serve a person who is intoxicated.

• Event organizers cannot provide unlimited beverages at a fixed price. Instead, organizers should offer beverage tickets for purchase.

The online Alcohol Server Knowledge (ASK) program is available for anyone involved in the manufacturing, sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages who wants to learn more about liquor laws. The ASK program was designed to educate people involved in the sale and handling of alcohol on the rules that govern liquor permits. The program has a strong focus on not over-serving patrons and keeping alcohol out of the hands of underage individuals.

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