Owner of missing statue makes large donation to tornado victim relief fund


RUSSELLS POINT — The nearly 20-foot-tall statue of Our Lady of Fatima was blown away by the powerful EF3 tornado which hit Indian Lake on March 14, 2024. The statue has not been found and it would have turned 60 years old this August. The statue’s owner, a non-profit organization, the American Society of Ephesus Inc. (“ASE”), had planned a major celebration this August. But plans have changed.

“We could not properly celebrate the 60th anniversary of the statue under the circumstances. As of today, she is lost and the property suffered considerable damage. We plan to rebuild,” said Bill Quatman, chairman of ASE in a press release. However, Quatman also announced that ASE will make a $25,000 donation to the United Way of Logan County’s Indian Lake Tornado Relief Fund.

“We suffered property damage and the loss of our beloved Mary statue. But others in the community suffered injuries, loss of life and home or business. We felt compelled to give back. Our prayers are with the affected community.”

For more information on ASE and the statue, visit: www.ase-gbqfoundation.org or www.saintmaryofthewoods.com/fatima

The American Society of Ephesus Inc. (George B. Quatman Foundation) is a non-profit private foundation formed in 1955 and based in Lima, Ohio whose mission is to promote a greater realization and appreciation of the teachings and wonders of God; to preserve and erect religious shrines; and to restore and preserve the burial grounds of outstanding religious leaders.

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine at Russells Point, Ohio, is one of the tallest statues of the Virgin Mary in the United States. Dedicated in August 1964, the 43-feet-tall monument included a 19-feet-6-inch-fiberglass statue of Our Lady of Fatima on a concrete pedestal. It is located at St. Mary’s Point, 261 Chase Ave., Russells Point.

For more information on United Way of Logan County’s Indian Lake Tornado Relief Fund, visit: https://www.uwlogan.org/indian-lake-tornado-community-response.

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