Patience running thin on return of veterans’ banners


To the editor:

The City and the people of Piqua and Miami County have honored our local military veterans for several years by displaying veterans banners along the city streets. Families and friends of veterans purchased these banners through the Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Piqua took care of hanging the banners prior to Memorial Day and removing the banners after Veterans Day. The banner program has been a commendable endeavor to give thanks and to honor our local veterans.

The City had put the program on hold, and removed all of the banners in November, 2023, with the intention to restart a new program in 2024. The original banners were to be returned to those individuals who purchased a banner. Since November, I have inquired, on three separate occasions, as to when my family can expect to have their banners returned. Each time that I inquired I was informed that the task of returning the banners are on their busy agenda, but with no specific date as to when they will get started on this project. Apparently, identification of the banners and matching the owner with phone number/address needs to occur. I have volunteered twice to assist the Chamber of Commerce in this lengthy process, but to no avail.

The proverbial notion that “patience is a virtue” should be a regular practice for all of us. But, after almost five months of waiting, my patience has run thin. I completely understand that new business grand openings, galas and fund raisers, advertising, newsletters, promoting Piqua businesses, awards and scholarships, Foundation programs, Grow Piqua Now and other programs are important and difficult tasks. However, it seems that the families and friends of our military veterans, in this situation, have been unreasonably put on the shelf. Instead of the banner issue being a priority, the Chamber of Commerce keeps postponing the return of these banners to the rightful owner. The return of the banner issue seems to be continuously shuffled to the back of the line. Our veterans deserve respect and a more timely response by the Chamber of Commerce.

C of C…..It’s time to place our veterans, their families, and friends as a priority on your agenda, and to stop this procrastination. Thank you.


Jerry Christy


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