Pearson cards 33 in Thursday Industrial League at Echo Hills


Ron Pearson was low gross with 33 in the Thursday Industrial League at Echo Hills.

Jeff Jennings, Brian Deal and Brian Robbins tied for second with 36.

Mick Karn was low net with 25.

Mckinley Decker was second with 31 and Kyle Reardon and John Frazier tied for third with 32.


Jenning’s Construction 36

Gisco 35.5

Hank’s Place 34

Hemm’s Glass 33

A.R.M.S. Inc. 30

Brownlee — Wray 28

Davis Meats 25

Erwin Distributing 24.5

Motion Industries 24

Atlantis Sportswear 23.5

Winsupply 23

Classic Concrete 19.5

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