Poppaw’s Homegrown comes to local stores


COVINGTON — Poppaw’s Homegrown experiences overwhelming demand by being first in Ohio to produce elderberry syrup grown on their local farm and using raw honey from their beehives. Local stores and consumers express seeing a difference from this amazing immunity booster versus national brands.

Over 90% of all elderberries are imported and there are very few elderberry farmers in the U.S., so the vast majority of elderberry products on the market are made from imported, dehydrated elderberries. During the dehydration and shipping process, the berries lose over 30% of their nutritional value.

Brandi Schindler is proud to have a woman owned, local business that’s doing something unique that helps so many people with their health concerns. One customer had been severely ill for going on four months and within one week of taking Poppaw’s Homegrown Elderberry Syrup, was on the mend. A diabetic customer said how she used to be sick and have less energy, but now is much healthier, has more energy, and believes it’s helping with her diabetic symptoms as well.

Poppaw’s Homegrown sets a new standard by growing American elderberries locally and infusing raw, straight-from-the-comb honey into their syrup. Using fresh, plump berries bursting with nutritional value, it’s no wonder people are experiencing such a difference in how it tastes and works.

“Fresh definitely makes a difference,” said Schindler, founder and owner, “We participate in many local events, like fairs, festivals, and farmer’s markets, and many people come up to us at our booth and tell us how much better our products taste and all the amazing results they get.”

Poppaw’s Homegrown Elderberry Syrup is already available in nine local stores and more stores are adding it. This is a great testament to how a local company can offer a quality product that people prefer, and it’s no doubt that Poppaw’s will soon be a household name.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m helping so many local people improve their health, get sick less often, and feel so much better,” said Schindler, “I started the business originally to help my husband because he used to spend three to four months a year sick and nothing seemed to help. Now, he’s super healthy and has a normal life.”

Poppaw’s Homegrown also uses a higher concentration of elderberries in every bottle to maximize the potency. Elderberries contain high-powered antioxidants, flavonols and anthocyanins (10 times that of other berries) and Schindler wants to make sure 100% of the nutritional value is in every spoonful to give customers the best results possible.

Another unique quality of Poppaw’s Homegrown is that Schindler is a beekeeper and uses her honey in the syrup. Using local honey gives the added benefit of allergy and sinus help, not to mention makes the syrup taste great.

“I not only get to help people doing what I love, but it’s my grandfather memorialized in our logo. We lovingly called him Poppaw, and his work ethic, farming and giving back provided the inspiration for me to want to be a farmer just like him.”

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